dievca and Master met for Sushi the other evening. A simple and lovely evening with a commitment to not talk about anything too serious. Just a time to enjoy each other’s conversation. Did dievca forget to mention that it was lovely? Oh – she did mention that. XO

15 Comments on “sushilicious”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Leather gloves, dress and that bracelet…. Very sushilicious x


  2. hispetitelle says:

    That dress is amazing. So glad you had a lovely time.


    • dievca says:

      Thanks! It’s a very comfortable dress. I just feel that could be even better less fabric in the back (very full) that might be something a tailor can fix.


  3. And what a lovely outfit! I can just picture you in that sushi place. Sleek, elegant, NYC style!


    • dievca says:

      Ahh, Thanks, Lia. The restaurant is an old standby just up from the Theatre District – always good. Low Key and quiet enough for conversation. 🙂


  4. esther says:

    you are so beautifully put together! xx


  5. Hugs. I want to move into your closet and watch you dress every day.



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