Perhaps tacky, but dievca did it! DIY

Charlotte Olympia Flower Heels

Charlotte Olympia Bryony Flower Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandal

About a year ago, dievca mentioned that she was cleaning out her closets, eBaying items and limiting her purchases. (A DIY moment? Maybe….) Her amount of purchasing of clothing and accessories has diminished quite a bit this past year.  Probably, because her attention was diverted with Life emergencies and changes.  The pleasure of looking and shopping took a backseat to more important issues

As dievca has come up for air, she took a day for herself: to see the movie “Cinderella” in the Theatre with a girlfriend, got a mani/pedi, eBay-ed a backlog of items and completed a DIY shoe project she started last year.

Her DIY project was inspired by these Charlotte Olympia heels and her constraints were that she had to use a pair of shoes from her closet.

dievca cheated a little bit. she had helped her parents clear out their house and her Mom had a pair of ivory satin shoes exclusively made for Rosenthal’s Department Store. The shoes were dievca’s oldest Aunt’s wedding shoes in the 1930’s and worn heavily afterward. They fit dievca very well.

20140411_130212_resized 20140411_130219_resized 20140411_130238_resized


dievca brought them back to NYC and checked in with her favorite shoe repair shop.They said that they couldn’t clean them, nor could they dye them navy blue — but they could be dyed black.


The shoes looked great when they came back from their dye job and simple repairs.  So, good that dievca was indecisive about adding flowers. she dragged her heels until she did a spot test with rubber cement and hot glue.  The hot glue could be picked off the shoes without damage, so dievca could add her flowers and if she hated them – remove the flowers safely.

20150402_134423_resized_1 20150402_134448_resized

OK – dievca is not a glue gun demon…a small NYC apartments don’t offer a lot of space to work. 7 inches in front of a microwave on a glass cutting board is tricky. That said, here is dievca’s DIY offering for Spring.

20150403_131123_resized 20150403_131109_resizedHmmm, not so good. In fact….kinda “Tacky”, but fun.  dievca wore them for Easter and with a sprig of the leftover flowers in her tote bag.

The shoes were comfortable and held up well until she got to Master’s Apartment and then the piece which encased the heel of the foot pulled away from the sole. It can be repaired…but is it worth it?

So, dievca did her “Spring Goddess” presentation for Master without the shoes or stockings. She came to Him in bare feet, stained a little purple/blue from the shoe dye even after being washed….


H&M Coachella Hair Accessory

ICOLLECTION Purple Lace Chemise

ICOLLECTION Purple Lace Chemise



17 Comments on “Perhaps tacky, but dievca did it! DIY”

  1. zaychishka says:

    I think they look so fun, they would honestly be a hit at Vancouver fashion week 🙂
    And even if you find them tacky you could always re do – I know some people have even glued on little pom poms. I also loved the inspiration behind your diy, charlotte Olympia is one of my favourites too next to Sophia Webster hehe. And ps the dye job looked great also on your shoes! You revived them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pelelotus says:

    A naughty nymph presentation x


  3. esther says:

    very cute…love the chemise!


  4. hispetitelle says:

    A good try. Bare feet are sexy. You’ve given me some inspiration with the Charlotte Olympia Bryony Flower Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandals. I’d like to see if I could duplicate that.


    • dievca says:

      I didn’t have any heels in the closet I was willing to “kill” — so I went with my Aunt’s Vintage Pair. Let me know if you get something going. XO


  5. Tacky or not, it was inspired work, so… congratulations! For seeing your project through even if they let you down in the end, by falling apart. Maybe that’s the pair you should keep on your mantelpiece! xxxx


    • dievca says:

      I still haven’t decided what to do with them…fix them? take the flowers off? keep the flowers? Etc. Decisions, Decisions… 😀


      • My Bluebells walk brought your shoes to mind! 😀 How about fix them, leave just a few flowers in the middle, a bit like in the photo, and add some around the strap?


      • dievca says:

        Hmm, Good Thought! I’ve put them aside, but didn’t throw them out – yet. Maybe I’ll take them to my shoe guy and see if the fix is worth doing, 1st. XO


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