Underneath it all: Luxury is to give pleasure.

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dievca is looking for some new lingerie. she has been on a personal hiatus for purchasing lingerie and now feels in the mood to get back to the lovely basics.  dievca ran into the brand Fleur du Mal  online and is very interested in some of the pieces.

she wonders what Master will think about the options.

Oleander Lace

Oleander Lace

Rose Applique Slip

Rose Applique Slip

Cat Lace Garter Skirt

Cat Lace Garter Skirt

Fluer du Mal  and Cadolle Leather Corset Bodysuit

Fleur du Mal / Cadolle

Fluer du Mal  and Cadolle Leather Corset Bodysuit Back

Leather Corset Bodysuit

Fleur du Mal Custom Named Panties

Custom Personalized Panties

Fluer du Mal Studded Tulle

Studded Tulle

Fluer du Mal Fishnet Body Suit

Fishnet Bodysuit

Fluer du Mal Crochet Lace Longline

Crochet Lace Longline and Panties

Fleur du Mal inspires dressing up and undressing.
Founded in 2012 by Jennifer Zuccarini,
the innovative online destination and mobile retail concept
offers a sublime collection of ready-to-wear and lingerie.

6 Comments on “Underneath it all: Luxury is to give pleasure.”

  1. hispetitelle says:

    The slip is really sexy. No one wears slips anymore. Remember when it was a must under a dress? I had several and one of my early sexual experiences was at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. We had come back from dinner and he unzipped my dress and it dropped to the floor leaving me there in a slip. He thought it was so sexy and it drove him wild. I was (gulp) only 18!

    I’m partial to the leather corset bodysuit, too.

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  2. zaychishka says:

    The leather corset bodysuit is amazingggg 😍 haha


  3. esther says:

    Ooooo…fishnet bodysuit! xx

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