Predestined: A dialog


“Will you consider being the person who determines when it is time to pull the plug for me?”

“Sorry, I won’t be alive …When I was 8, a person read my palm and told me that I would die in my 30’s.”


“When I was 8 years old, someone read my palm and told me that I would live a good successful life, but would die in my 30’s.”

“Who was this person? Your parent’s took you to a Palm Reader?”

“No, it was someone off the street who offered to read my palm and said my life line was very short.”

“Cripes, you’re 29 this year. Which crease is the life line?”

“I don’t know, let’s look it up.”

“Yeah, it splits. Was your hand even developed at 8? Were you chubby?”

“Doesn’t matter, time will tell.”

“Well, I still want you for the ‘pull the plug’ job.”

Information dievca sent to that person later in the day:

The Life Line

As shown on the illustration, the life line starts between the thumb and the forefinger and encircles the ball of the thumb towards the wrist.
This line, which deals with the way you apply your energy, is most often long and round, short, or diagonal.

The Life Line
The Life Line

If the line is continuous and round, without any break, you probably have a very harmonious physical life, and are happy to “go with the flow”.

If the line is rather short, it doesn’t mean you are going to die at a young age; it just means that there will be a time in your life when you will use your body in a different and less physical fashion than before, maybe because of a change in activity (from active to sedentary), the cessation of an occupation (retirement), or anything else that would change the use of the body.

If the line is more straight than curved, you may have a tendency to go against the current and to hold on to things instead of letting go.

If the line is really diagonal, finishing on the other side of the hand, life will be seen more as a struggle and the need for excitement may be a big part of your life.

13 Comments on “Predestined: A dialog”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Interesting, are you into Palm reading yourself?


  2. Marty says:

    Whew! My life line is long and continuous


  3. jackiemallon says:

    Can’t say I buy into it much. The Pull the Plug conversation wouldn’t be something to look forward to…Thelma and Louise style..? x


  4. This is like the start of a wonderful short story…..I need more! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. hispetitelle says:

    The lifeline 9n each hand is different. Which hand are we supposed to read? On my right it’s curved and continuous all the way to my wrist. On my left it starts off curved and then stops with a other line that forms half way parallel to the first and then continues to my wrist. Am I to have two lives? Sounds like a major change.


    • dievca says:

      OMG —- too much for me! I have absolutely no clue….Google says left hand shows potential and the right hand says what you have done with that potential. 😀


  6. When I was a kid, a bit older than 8 – may be around 10? – someone was reading palms and was telling other kids how long their lives would be etc. and took one look at my palm and said she couldn’t read it 😀 But, seriously, what a dialogue to be part of Dievca!

    Liked by 1 person

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