Spice it up!

Jason Wu Runway
If done correctly, BDSM can be the spice of Life!
Open conversations.
Kinky experiences.
Shared fantasies.
Nurtured Growth.
Power exchange.
Pain / Pleasure.
Full trust.

Jason Wu Draped Sequin Crossover Dress BG $7560Jason Wu Draped Sequin Crossover Dress BG $7560 back
The Jason Wu Runway Draped Sequin Crossover Dress from Bergdorf Goodman would be a fabulously diverse Presentation Outfit to add Spice to this dievca’s D/s relationship.
Too bad it is $7560.00.
But,dievca can dream BIG!
PS. It looks better on curves. Right?

11 Comments on “Spice it up!”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Sure you can get something similar for less money. Lovely dress though. X

  2. Mel Douleur says:

    I LOVE this… but $7500 for a dress?? ummmm, no. lol!

  3. AGree!! On curves, a great improvement…and look at that lovely drape to reveal spine and bone and skin….mmmhmmm…

  4. esther says:

    it clings to all the right places…bet you’d look fabulous in it! xx

  5. hispetitelle says:

    It’s calling out to curves. Yes, the back is beautiful and it is perfectly spicey.


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