Bandana Reissue

A bandana (from the Tamil: பந்தம் Bandham, “a bond”) is a type of large, usually colorful, kerchief, usually worn on the head or around the neck of a person or pet and is not considered to be a hat.[1] Bandanas are often printed in a paisley pattern and are most often used to hold hair back, either as a fashionable head accessory, or for practical purposes.

The popularity of the bandana and kerchief was at it highest point in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s depending on one’s location. After that its popularity started waning in the west, but some eastern cultures maintained its usage for a while, such as in the Persian Gulf countries. It is largely seen as gender neutral and can be worn by both men and women. Its usage when wrapped up was partly replaced by the headband.

Saint Laurent Bandana-Print Oversize Scarf Cashmere

Saint Laurent Bandana-Print Oversize Scarf Cashmere

DKNY nylon bandana backpack

DKNY nylon bandana backpack









saint-laurent-bandana-scarf-silk sheer

saint-laurent-bandana-scarf-silk sheer

The Bandana Dress that dievca owns:

lily-allens-clothing-line-lucy-in-disguise-vintage-1950's handkerchief pattern dress

lucy-in-disguise-1950’s handkerchief dress

Colors, and sometimes designs, can be worn as a means of communication or identification, as with the prominent California criminal gangs, the Bloods, the Crips, the Norteños, and the Sureños. In gang subcultures, the bandana could be worn in a pocket or, sometimes, around the leg. In the late 1960s/early 1970s, the Bloods and the Crips wore red or blue paisley bandanas as a signifier of gang affiliation.

BDSM — dievca’s uses for the bandana:

  • a restraint
  • a collar
  • a gag
  • a blindfold
  • a sarong/dress
  • to wipe the sweat from Master’s brow
  • a fashionable accessory or piece of clothing

dievca’s  affection stems  from the fabulous 1980’s

♥ Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle Live Live Ritz 1988 VIDEO

Bandana Axl Rose gl-rock-n-roll-trends-bandana-920x422 bandana bret-michaels-bandana-eyeliner-218x300 bandana cloth-headband-madonna

9 Comments on “Bandana Reissue”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Very versatile but your dress is the best by far. X

  2. esther says:

    love your dress…and as expected, i like the black asymmetric and black back-pack! xx

  3. hispetitelle says:

    My daughter wore a bandana today, as a matter of fact, very much like the Madonna photo. That dress is super cute.

    • dievca says:

      Awesome! I went through that phase where I wore multiple bandanas on my wrist or my ankles, as a headband, as a head scarf like a babushka. I would really like to purchase on of the Saint Laurent scarves — but they are beyond my reach. ($850?!?!?) I need sandals for summer and t-shirts…

  4. jackiemallon says:

    I scrolled…and scrolled…and ah, there he was…
    Bandana = Bret Michaels 🙂


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