“Perseverance is failing nineteen times
and succeeding the twentieth.”
— Julie Andrews

dievca was frustrated, irritated and ready to throw in the towel. Master sent this video forward.
A little “old school” but we all need reminders sometimes:
“Pick yourself up and keep going with a smile.
You might just win.”

12 Comments on “Perseverance”

  1. hispetitelle says:

    Sometimes we just need to cross the finish line even if we’re crawling. Adversity brings focus and that’s always good because we can see our core values, beliefs, needs, and wants clearly.

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  2. esther says:

    or, you can shut the world away, and get a cat…wait, that’s me! don’t do that. xx


  3. He always comes thru. Good Man. – Hugs, Ret

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  4. Nineteen times is not nine hundred and ninety nine. Thousand times are not million. Perseverance has its measures when one is just tired of testing it. Agree, I sound pessimistic. One may be the winner only one time. I doubt whether there are winners at all. Good luck to everyone. : )

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    • dievca says:

      I think you prescribe to Elle’s comment of sometimes you just have to push through and finish to be the “winner”. So, if everyone tries, then everyone is a winner. XO

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  5. There’s nothing quite like the wise and supportive words of a good and trusted friend…
    to remind us that we can do it—that we have the ability to do our best…
    and that our best is enough ♥
    Thank you for this much needed reminder today—it may be an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie~ xo


    • dievca says:

      Glad to pass along something positive! I’ve been able to regroup and start, again, it’s just a tough time in the year for work (I am sure I will be frustrated, again…). Positive thoughts and endings to you. XO


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