Body Awareness: what dievca is thinking about…


dievca has thought hard about
body types, body images, perceptions and acceptance.

Look at these athletes, their bodies are appropriate for their Sports.
Not the easiest Bodies to dress.

But, each is owned by a human being
and ALL are gorgeous.

dievca and Master have had conversations
about eating properly for health.

Many people are in hospitals for things that could have
been solved by eating better.

dievca knows when she feels better about herself
and she is not hurting,
she eats better.

It’s a circle which feeds upon itself:
Body Image, Eating, Health

How can we offer solutions that bring positive images to females?
The Fashion Industry is starting to take a look at their image offerings,
but is it enough?

Click for the The History of Plus Sizing

What if we go with something more like this?


How can we get properly fitting clothing for
the beautifully diverse bodies in the World?

Tough questions…
any suggestions?

16 Comments on “Body Awareness: what dievca is thinking about…”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Beauty is not confined to just one body type. All have their plus points. Being comfortable in the skin you have is priceless. x


    • dievca says:

      Very true — but it is so easy to look on the other side of the fence and want the body someone else has…and forget your own positive attributes.


  2. esther says:

    i was never comfortable in my body…i was too skinny…cubby…pear shaped…almost perfect…then mangled (thank you cancer)…now inverted triangle (thank you lifting weights). stress and medications have destroyed my middle, hoping to eat lightly when summer hits. not that any of this matters. xx


    • dievca says:

      It matters. I think your point is that your body changes throughout your life with different circumstances and you have to accept those changes and work with them. XO


  3. hispetitelle says:

    Triple jumper and Trampoline girl have a lot of similaritits and it’s what we look for in our long and triple jumpers. My daughter and I are just like them because we have very developed quads, hamsteings, calves, and glutes, which are necessary for explosive jumping. However, they just don’t make jeans for those legs so even a pair that fits pretty good still needs to go to the tailor.


  4. Heartafire says:

    Love the jacket


  5. jackiemallon says:

    It’s a relentless discussion, isn’t it? I wish we had more figures in the media who represented variety of bodies. Dove campaigns and others are find, a good start, but they don’t influence society as much as we would like unfortunately. We’re celebrity obsessed so that’s where I’d love to see alternative beauty celebrated. Even the fact that I use the word “alternative” here says a lot…


    • dievca says:

      I think people have started to learn to see in color (not worrying about black, white, purple , red skin that you are in…) But seeing in body shapes is going to take awhile. I fall into that “alternative” catagory. 🙂

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