Offering Everything


When you have offered everything, there is nothing left to give but yourself.
Over and over, again.
A true Master will feed from you and refill you, allowing you to grow.
A pseudo Dominant will only take, removing pieces – meeting by meeting.
Till there is nothing left.

Photo: Anja Rubik by Mario Mestino for Vogue Germany March 2014

8 Comments on “Offering Everything”

  1. That’s so very true. I’d never thought of it like that, but it definitely is true.

  2. esther says:

    sounds like love. x

  3. jackiemallon says:

    Stunning photo, very Claudia Schiffer 🙂

  4. hispetitelle says:

    Give and receive (take doesn’the work here). It’s a balancing act to make sure each one fully gives and each one fully receives.


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