Dreaming of Space in NYC

dievca had a conversation with Jackie Mallon about a sink made by an Italian company called “Agape”.

“We bought an apartment with a stylish but entirely dysfunctional bathroom sink by Italian company Agape.”

Of course, dievca had to check out the offerings from Agape and to see these stylish (and maybe non-functional) pieces for herself. As she was looking, dievca got completely distracted by the bathtubs. Large enough for two people or two tubs beside each other — so much space. So, hard to have in NYC unless you are exceptionally wealthy. How exquisite to share with Master.
He likes to take baths, too.
dievca and Master tried to share their tubs – a bit tight.

Sigh…back to Agape…

Unless, of course, what if the bathtubs leak?
But, dievca will ignore that possibility and dream alone in her 1920’s tub.
Please dream with her. XO
Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Hidden-Landscape-2 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Color-Of-Light-5 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Color-Of-Light-6 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Color-Of-Light-7 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Hidden-Landscape-1 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-The-Water-Ritual-1 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-Time-Regained-2 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-Time-Regained-3 Bathtub Agape-Bathrooms-Time-Regained-4 Bathtub The-Versatile-Gent-Agape-feat

10 Comments on “Dreaming of Space in NYC”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Stand alone baths are luxurious and sensual. X


  2. … or unless you get rid of one of your working desks and replace it with that office tub? I bet your home study will be very popular 🙂 xxx


    • dievca says:

      I could live with a tub in the study. It would be like those pools in the middle of restaurants (1960’s, 1970’s thing – CA?) Beautiful mermaids (girls) swimming in the background. If M. was working, I could be a soothing vision in the bath….

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  3. esther says:

    i miss tubs…those are stunning! xx


  4. hispetitelle says:

    Once upon a time we had a huge soaker tub that could easily fit four people (we never tried that) and we had an equally large shower. Heaven! We had plans to expand our master bath, which wouldn’t accommodate nearly as large, but big enough for some good bathroom fun. One day, if we don’t move first.

    Liked by 1 person

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