A dievca disaster….

dievca gets a manicure/pedicure when needed — about every three weeks.  she normally just gets the color on her toes because nail polish comes off her fingernails within 3 days.  Now, if she has a Gala or dinner scheduled – then she will put color on her fingers, too.

dievca was looking for something summery and different.  she tried a couple of colors on her finger nails and decided to go with OPI Hawaiian Collection: My Gecko Does Tricks.
It is a bright pearly green.


Which looks like crap on her toes….a disaster.

But, as Master is traveling for 3 weeks…dievca will survive with it…unless she keeps looking down at her toes and cannot take it anymore.

Sigh, but the Nail Technician did such a nice job~

Well…it does match her Sundance WILDFLOWER EMBROIDERED TEE:

and she can wear the Ecote Farrah Culottes with the K Jacque Black Cork Sandals

Ecote Farrah Culottes Charcoal $54.00K Jacque Cork  Sandals Black

Alright…work it.

BTW — has anyone else had some disasters  with nail polish colors?

14 Comments on “A dievca disaster….”

  1. I have had disaster with a similar color last summer. Sir said it looked like fungus had grown on my toes. So much for paying for a mani/pedi to clean up.


    • dievca says:

      Green is really tough to get off your nails…and off your walls if you paint a room green. M. hasn’t ever really disliked a nail color, but I think this green would do it. 🙂

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  2. esther says:

    i once had “my colors” done…needless to say i’m still mostly wearing black anyway! but, when i buy other than black, or red, or clear polish with silver glitter…i did buy the green, blue and lavender in my color palette…averting your gecko green predicament. love the outfit though. and in case you think i’m being smug about the nail polish, ask me about the times i used “quick tanning” lotion. xxx

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    • dievca says:

      I am still smiling about the “quick tanning” lotion — those experiences can be dangerous. I was just in the store picking up shampoo and was distracted by the “Sun In” hair lightener product….I would love to have “sun kissed” hair but visions of orange disasters haunt my memories of friends from High School. XO


      • esther says:

        orange may be the new black, but it doesn’t make it when you do turn orange! i lived through that one, right before graduation from jr. high. then there was that yellow ochre experience. sun in didn’t work either! feh. xx

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  3. Green has never worked for me either! but there is a color by OPI that is purple and as the light shifts, it shows hues of greens and silvers and blues…I’ve had Mustang Orange on the toes which appears an invigorating color but also doesn’t measure up when applied. Like esther I’ve had my colors done…I’m an autumn. Typically I stick to those BUT that avoids reds which, frankly, in the right tone are absolutely fantastic despite the “colors” telling me to avoid. And of course- add tan toes to the mix vs fair winter skin and there’s a marked difference in final result. I used to have french pedis…but now I hear those are no longer a classic and are reserved for weddings and such. Red is, and likely always has been, and will remain, THE classic. – But most important– isn’t it great to move from boot season into sandal season!? I’m so so ready. Cheers- Ret


    • dievca says:

      You and I are Autumns, together. If I get an orange based red — I am good with nail color and clothing.
      I have worn a khaki green on my toes and it was very good, but — again, I’m not a big finger color girl. I think my choices would change if the color hung out on ten fingers, flashing out in front of everyone.
      I have never had a French pedi — interesting. I would have to be patient, huh? 🙂


  4. hispetitelle says:

    My daughter and I went for a mani/pedi and couple of summers ago. At my daughter’s urging I did my toes a sparkly blue and my fingernails a sparkly purple. She looked adorable and I looked stupid. Coach didn’t like it as he thought it looked childish. He issued the proclamation that I am only allowed to do my nails is red, pinks, and nudes/clear.

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  5. My green adventures stop at taupe, that’s as far as I’m willing to go! But it looks like you did manage to make it work with that lovely Tee… this gecko does tricks alright! 🙂


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