Master’s Essence

mens shirt feet I have a precious break in my schedule, so I let myself into your apartment with the intention of making sure it is ready for your return in a few days.

As I wander around doing small chores, I see your dress shirt hanging on a hook in the bedroom. I lift it off of the hook and bring it to my nose to smell you on the fabric.
It’s amazing, after three weeks, I can still smell your essence. Returning the shirt to its hook, I continue finished the odds and ends to make your apartment welcoming.

When my efforts are completed, I circling around to see if I missed anything and spy the shirt. A feeling of desire sweeps over me and I want to be surrounded by your smell, your essence.
I strip down to the nude and envelope my body in your shirt.

Making a cup of tea, I sit on the kitchen chair thinking about you and hoping you had a successful trip. As I relax and inhale your essence, I am transported into your embrace and my nipples become tumescent, followed by my pussy. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I’m swept away into a daydream of your touch.

Finishing the tea, I fumble to put the cup into the dishwasher. Standing at the kitchen sink, I make the decision to head to the bedroom closet and take out the toy box. Rummaging through it, I find your blue leather collar, glass anal plug, glass dildo, a vibrator and lube.

Putting on your collar allows me to drift into your ownership. Inserting the anal plug reminds me of how patiently you trained me for anal sex and how much I love it. The glass dildo fills me, but not as much as your cock does. I lay down a large gym towel on the bed to protect the sheets from lube and wet desire escaping from my pussy.

I don’t want to lay on your shirt and mess it up or wrinkle it heavily — so I decided to pleasure myself with my ass in the air and my face resting upon your pillow. Touching the vibrator to my clitoris and the smell from your shirt transports me into another space and I orgasm so violently that the glass anal plug drops from my ass on to the towel. Pulling the nubby dildo out of my pussy, causes me to orgasm a second time. Face pressing into the pillow and my chest heaving, I breathe heavily through the after effects. I slide my legs off the side of the bed to avoid making a mess.

Fantastic, but a poor second. By myself, I can orgasm once, maybe twice. With you, I am empowered to have multiple orgasms. And serving you, plus sharing the orgasms is so much better. I cannot wait for you to get home. And I have to get back to work.

I take your shirt off and hang it on the rack, once again, and I wonder if the smell of my sex will be added to your essence. When the toys are cleaned and dried, pussy and ass washed, gym towel placed in the laundry basket – I remove your collar and put everything away. Re-dressed in my work clothes, I wander the apartment one last time making sure everything is in its place, ready for your return.

I am ready for your return.

10 Comments on “Master’s Essence”

  1. esther says:

    so sexy, so much pleasure, so much love. xx

  2. His scent sets the scene, you complete it. He’ll enjoy reading this and knowing what He already knows; your abilities to find and make pleasure together far surpass times apart and alone.((Hugs))- Ret

    • dievca says:

      Thanks, Ret. M. always says I am very sensuous with our physical relationship. I get thrown into memories, by smells, texture, visual cues — it’s when my brain starts to function that might offer a hiccup or two. XO

  3. hispetitelle says:

    Love those shirts! I know you’re ready for his return. Stop gap is good, but….

  4. Marty says:

    I know he smiled when he read this


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