Summer Shower



20150621_182346_resizedIn the heat of the afternoon, it was a deluge. I scrambled out onto the fire escape to place the pots of plants and flowers in prime space to catch the rain. Being careful not to slip, I moved everything and became drenched in the process. It was salvation from the heat. I stood in the torrential downpour like a pilgrim kneeling in supplication. Imagine my delight as I felt my prayers answered.
All by a Summer Shower.

Photos: deivca

6 Comments on “Summer Shower”

  1. esther says:

    i got soaked to the bones last week from a downpour in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. my experience didn’t inspire poetry. xx

  2. hispetitelle says:

    I crave those refreshing summer rains. They clear the air and clear my head.


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