Bought for $120 – worth $1400? Really? Hi/Lo Dressing.

dievca started to write a post about an outfit she wore to dinner with friends and as she was gathering information/photos about the outfit. she found some history of a piece of jewelry she bought a couple of years ago. The information brought new meaning to the phrase “Hi/Lo Dressing”~

The piece:

Tane Multistrand Sterling Silver Necklace

Tane Silver Multistrand Necklace at 1stDibs

dievca wore it with:
Avaleigh Strapless Smocked Maxi Dress CoralLUDA_Women_Cornhusk_Bag_Straw_Basket_Beach.jpg_220x220

Barneys Sandals

MJM silver/14K cuff

MJM Opal Cuff

Small Silver stud pebble earrings

Avaleigh Coral Smocked Strapless Maxi Dress $29.00
Luca Corn Husk Bag $12.00
Barneys Nude Strappy Wedges – dievca’s own ($100)
Melissa Joy Manning Recycle Silver/Gold and Opal Cuffs – dievca’s own (together $225)
Organic Sterling Stud Earrings – dievca’s own ($25)
Hair in French Roll for the heat with two small flower clips at the base (coral, pink)
Tan skin — light make-up. Nude Lips.

      Brought to the dinner — Fresh Peach Crumble (same recipe as the Blueberry Crumble, but with peaches – AMAZING!)


So, what would you do with the necklace? Keep it? Sell it? It’s only worth what you can sell it for~
What is dievca going to do? Keep it — it’s too lovely. That’s why she bought it in the first place. And Master loved seeing it draped between dievca’s breasts after coffee and peach crumble the next morning. XO

10 Comments on “Bought for $120 – worth $1400? Really? Hi/Lo Dressing.”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Such a grand dress. If you like the necklace and know it will be used, why not keep it? X

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    • dievca says:

      The color of the dress and style were easy to wear. People seemed to like it. Yep, keeping the necklace — who would know if I would even come close to that $ when trying to sell it…. (let’s see if the 1stDibs one sells.)


  2. esther says:

    for a change, i would wear the necklace draping down my back, so it looks like a choker in front. nice texture…i would keep it. xxx

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  3. knowing what to wear the piece with is as important as what you pay/don’t pay for it… you have a beautiful sense of style. Don’t ever change! Hugs- Ret

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    • dievca says:

      Ahh, Ret, I’m blushing! Thank You. Sometimes I get it right and other times? Ummm, well, ya know. We still need to meet for coffee — or maybe I will beg an invitation to sit in your italianate kitchen for a chat. XO

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  4. Keep now has some very special memories…and it’ll only go up in value xxxx


  5. You are becoming quite an expert – that includes the crumble! xxx


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