Shoe Triage: Gone Girls — clearing a closet

1. (in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of many of patients or casualties.
1. assign degrees of urgency to something needing attention.

Let’s start with the facts:

  • dievca has a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories
  • dievca is determined to whittle her “stuff” down to become more streamlined like Master
  • dievca has been floundering in the process because there isn’t a lot of space in NYC
  • dievca moved 3 times in less than two years and just dumped stuff in boxes
  • dievca was able to get a storage unit in her building
  • dievca broke down and asked Master for help

Master, being the generous Sir that he is – said, “Yes”.  Please note that dievca has separated out the chaff from the wheat for clothing and will ask Master for help with clothing, after the first weed out.  she needed Master for sorting her shoes. dievca loves shoes, she has 100+ pairs of shoes (yes, that is including flip-flops and ballet shoes…) dievca pulled EVERY pair out to be looked at, tried on and sorted

Master set-up a “shoe triage”:

  • An area for “Gone”  — shoes going to Resale, eBay or HousingWorks
  • An area for  “Thinking” Shoes — shoes that dievca is not sure about losing
  • An area for ” Keepers” — shoes that should stay

And the shoe fashion show began!

Let dievca tell you about some of the losers.  The shoes that turned up in the “Gone” area.

10 Crosby Derek Lam Cobalt Blue Sandals

10 Crosby Derek Lam Cobalt Blue Sandals

Multiple Blisters — does dievca need to say more?

Band of Outsiders Geisha Wedge

Band of Outsiders Geisha Wedge

Sat in the closet for two years – forgotten.

Jil Sander Leather platforms Teal Patent

Jil Sander Leather platforms Teal Patent

dievca thought these sandals would be a keeper with the ankle strap, etc., but M. was right — the angle of the heels and style just didn’t work on dievca’s foot as well as other teal shoes in the closet.

Coach Valeann Suede Cork Platform Sandal

Coach Valeann Suede Cork Platform Sandal

1970’s Flares are in, but dievca has other platform sandals.


Rosegold Truffle Tanya Cork Platform Sandals

Ditto to above comment about the Coach shoes.

Dries Van Noten Chain Sandals Vintage

Dries Van Noten Chain Sandals Vintage

dievca WISHES her vintage Dries van Noten sandals looked like these ones — they don’t and Master couldn’t figure out the design concept, something about everything and the kitchen sink…couldn’t find a photo.

Manolo blahnik orange snakeskin sandals

Manolo Blahnik orange snake-skin sandals

They are in bad shape and dievca has determined slides/mules are not for her.

Marimekko Converse Polka Dot Shoes

Marimekko Converse Polka Dot Shoes

These are really cute, right?!?! Master, made a good point…dievca doesn’t do “cute” and the shoes have sat unused.


Lauren by Ralph Lauren leopard Kailee Platform Pumps

Can dievca tell you how much Master hated these shoes? MUCHO

Marni Grey Brown Leather Wooden Heels

Marni Grey Brown Leather Wooden Heels

Can dievca tell you how much Master disliked these shoes,  too? MUCHO – but He made the point that there was a lot of conflicting details in the design.


Stuart Weitzman Forest Suede Teardrops

The studs on the heels are a distraction, and not an asset. M. doesn’t like this style of shoe and dievca already was allowed to keep a similar pair of brown Miu Miu pumps.

Coach Katy Clogs

Coach Katy Clogs

Two words: Easter Eggs

And the shoes dievca couldn’t find photos of?

Alaia Classic Pointy Toe Stilettos with Zipper detail up the back of the heel: In bad shape.

Band of Outsiders: Saddle Oxfords in tan chino fabric with flowers: not feminine enough, not worn

Green LD Tuttle Booties with back zipper – strange shiny dark green Astroturf plastic/leather/strappy.

  • A dievca disaster! dievca would actually keep these booties because they are so unusual — but when her feet swell…she cannot zip the back together. It happened when she was heading to a Gala from M’s apartment. dievca had to wear a different outfit, which ended up a bit too casual for the event, but going barefoot in Winter would have been worse…

dievca will be offering posts about the “maybes” and the “keepers” — keep your eyes peeled!
(wink, wink)

PS. If you have any comments, let dievca know.

PPS. dievca did not tell you about all the shoes she already got rid of — 5 pairs went to recycle, 5 pairs went to Buffalo Exchange (including two pairs of Manolo Blahniks that were pretty beat up.) she is really clearing it out….XO

7 Comments on “Shoe Triage: Gone Girls — clearing a closet”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Well done on your clearing session. Do you feel triumphant? Now you can make way for better shoes x

    Liked by 1 person

    • dievca says:

      I feel “lighter” and I will give you the answer I gave the resale shop person. “I’ll take the cash, rather than the credit for the store — I need to get rid of things, not bring items back into the apartment.” Granted this acquisition of shoes took years (I have one pair from High School), so if I add items, it will be slooooowly. 😉


  2. esther says:

    getting rid of stuff lets new energy flow…i did lots of pairing down when i moved, felt great. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done you two! This is also my triage year – work in progress. But my starting point was waaaay lower than yours, I wouldn’t even dream to keep so many things! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Shoes are a bit of an obsession with dievca. Master enjoys the design aspect of dievca’s selections and has helped her clear her closets of ones that weren’t worthy of attention: Shoe Triage: Gone Girls — clearing a closet […]


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