New Linens (nsfw)

New Linens — all white to deal with the Sun that pours into dievca’s apartment. Easy to wash loads in hot water with the white towels. As suggested by Oprah – in a past life…

New down pillows, light coverlet, cool crisp cotton, ready to be messed up.White Bed Sheets

Music blaring, dievca starts to make the bed, but gets distracted by the vibrators and anal plug that have been left to air dry from their cleaning. The day is lazy and there is time for an orgasm before picking up the apartment.

Using the lube, dievca inserts the glass anal plug. It stretches her and leaves her feeling comfortably full.  The yellow Iroha vibrator slides in to her pussy slowly with the anal plug taking up extra room — the vibrations move the anal plug.

Tan Legs in Bed

dievca flips over on to her belly and sticks her ass in the air, assuming the presentation position for Master (sometimes called the submission position). Burying her head into a pillow , she takes the pink Jimmyjane Form 2 and places it on her clit.  Moving the yellow banana in and out of her pussy, dievca starts to clench her asshole.


dievca freezes – Holy Shit, Master arrive home unexpectedly.


Still holding the vibrators, dievca doesn’t move. she hears Master ripping open a condom packet.


dievca feels Master remove the glass anal plug, lube her asshole and insert His hard cock slowly. she orgasms immediately which clenches her muscles and then opens her asshole larger. Master slides in fully when her hole opens wider.

Impaled, dievca stops to breathe and absorb the fullness of Master. The yellow vibrator has fallen out and dievca knows that Master loves to feel it – so she slowly puts it back in her Pussy.


dievca slowly rocks back towards Master and asks, “Master, may I use the vibrator on my clit?”


dievca starts to rock on Master’s Cock coming towards orgasm. she orgasms and clenches her pussy and ass muscles hard, squeezing Master fully. Master keeps pulling at dievca’s hips, pumping in her. dievca orgasms again and the vibrators fall away as she concentrates on Master’s cock. A third and fourth orgasm cause dievca to fall forward and Master follows her, but His cock slips out of her ass.


dievca flips over and lies across the bed while Master removes the condom and washes in the shower. When he steps into the bedroom dievca has her head dropped off the side of the bed and she opens her mouth.


dievca attends to Master’s Cock upside down, licking the length, circling the tip with her lips, playing with the slit using her tongue when Master begins to face fuck her rapidly.  The Cock grows harder and harder when Master flicks dievca’s clit with His finger she explodes into orgasm and squirts.


Tan belly white hands

Master grabs dievca’s waist and comes into her pussy.  He hands her the yellow vibrator and places her feet over His shoulders.  Pulling her off the bed to lower her hips, Master hits the top of  dievca’s  womb and she gasps with the invasion. Master begins to pound the top of dievca’s uterus, fully embedded into her body.


dievca turns the vibrator on to her clit and comes immediately, and again, and again.


Master continues to come deeply into dievca’s pussy and dievca cannot stop the orgasm waves from hitting the shore.  About when dievca is ready to pass out, Master tenses and ROARS like a lion, celebrating his deep penetration and orgasm. He falls forward on top of dievca – both are spent fully.

Slowly, Master removes his cock from dievca’s body and turns her to lie fully on the bed.  He joins her in the sun and  they just lie together, spent.

Morning Tease

A lazy, gorgeous moment on dievca’s new linens.

12 Comments on “New Linens (nsfw)”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Consider them truly christened x

  2. esther says:

    it’s not that way with spike…he gets hair all over my white bedding, he vomited on my white pillow, and dribbled something on my white sheets. i was not orgasmic at all 😦 i would like your scenario much better, i think 🙂

  3. Marty says:

    Ahh … that’s just what good Masters are for

  4. Exciting surprise. I loved the moment of your awareness…

  5. Shalom says:

    What deliciousness! i may have to reread this several more times till Master and i are in the same country again.

  6. mysirsvixen says:

    Oh Hello dievca… What a treat from you! How delicious, new linens and being surprised by your Master. Please do continue…😊


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