Roksanda: A touch of Copper

dievca would love to buy this piece of Copper to wear for Master. At $1600 from, it is out of her budget. But, oh, she would look so lovely wearing the dress and Master would be proud to show-off His dievca for her birthday. XORoksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500 Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500 4

Black silk midi dress from Roksanda featuring a v-neck, a sleeveless design, a copper belted silhouette, an a-line shape skirt, a straight hem and a back zip fastening.

Composition Silk 100%
Lining Composition Silk
100% Outer Belt Composition Copper 100%


Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500. 2 Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500 3

11 Comments on “Roksanda: A touch of Copper”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A highly chic outfit x

  2. esther says:

    i’m sure you could find the look for less 🙂 xx

    • dievca says:

      Funny you mention that because I just got a Tracy Reese dress in the mail which has a similar shape — I just need the smaller size (it stretches) and then find a belt. 😀

  3. I’d like it a bit shorter…but my favorite is the fabric at thee sleeve opening…this subtle softening offers a broader shoulder which balances most figures very well…

    • dievca says:

      I’m into this midi-length, right now. I do like that hint of pink fabric, matching the back of the belt, too. Something slightly breaking up the black. XO

  4. jackiemallon says:

    I’ve often said, I wish I knew more welders and less fashion designers…Welders, plumbers and carpenterst. However I know no one useful! xo

    • dievca says:

      I have a very good friend who is a plumber and another two who are carpenters (house repair and furniture)…. You are correct! They are good to know.
      (My fashion friends are more “run of the mill” – Mid-tier Men’s wear/ Millinery/ Mid-tier Women’s and Broadway Costume Design. Not as avant garde and fun as your friends. XO)

  5. Très chic look but I’m sure you’ll manage it for less, as discussed in other comments. Anyway, I don’t see how this one can justify the price. xxx


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