Fire Island ~ elfje

Fire Island
Seize the Sun
End of Summer Arrives

dievca spent her last beach weekend on Fire Island with friends. It was absolutely gorgeous. dievca still has those childhood feelings of sadness when the summer ends….sigh.
That’s all, Folks, until next summer.







Photos: Leap - unknown, Sunrise/Waves Fire Island 2015 - dievca

12 Comments on “Fire Island ~ elfje”

  1. Gorgeous! Keep the fire burning till next year… I see there is a famous lighthouse there, where you close to it? Any photos? I love lighthouses xxx

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  2. Pelelotus says:

    Such radiance. There will always be another summer. Plus the Autumn (or Fall) is luscious and romantic x

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  3. esther says:

    summer is still holding on tight…next week up to 90 again. i like fall crispness as opposed to summer swealter. xxx

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  4. I refuse to let summer go. stand with me. hold my hand. let’s take back the seasons.

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