Ahhh, bella submissive — wearing Valery

Ahh, a dievca framed in Italian elegance —
— waiting to serve her Master in beauty.
Ciao, Bella, Ciao!

Valery S.P.A.  is an Italian brand of lingerie and swimwear which offers 7 lines. Their philosophy (translated into English):

Valery renovates every collection with vibrant emotions to be always one step forward and with the desire to leave a sign and accelerate the beats.  To wear, make the other see or hide something, it become a complex language, similar to the phonetic one. Through this kind of language several choices are communicated: values and feelings though the lingerie.

At present in fashion world exist only two principal elements to attract consumer’s  attention: one is the power as expressed by the luxurious object and the other one is the strong and erotic charge to which Valery is very careful.

2 Comments on “Ahhh, bella submissive — wearing Valery”

  1. esther says:

    very pretty date night undies! 😉 xx


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