Can you see the Grey?

Curly Hair crop
I told you that I have curly hair.
And it needs cut, desperately…
Master, may I cut it?


(Update, before posting…like a 5 year old, dievca got a rubber band stuck in her hair — she had to hack it out. Umm, 5 inches cut-off and her hair sits at her shoulders when straightened. Much shorter when curly. Life gets in the way.)

21 Comments on “Can you see the Grey?”

  1. Nice and lovely hair and I don’t see what I have to : ) Consult a good hairdresser what to do, experimenting is good if it’s justifiable. Don’t forget to show the change : )

  2. awww– that would be an awful shame to cut such lovely hair.

  3. Pelelotus says:

    Pre Raphaelite curls. Beguiling even with a rubber band stuck in there x

  4. I have to agree it would be terrible to shorten such lovely long locks, maybe just a trim.

    • dievca says:

      Was considering a Pixie cut (again-past post), my hair is cut dry/straight and we got to the shoulders and said “This is kinda cool – let’s stop.” The curls are there and the straight style is blunt. M.’s been quiet, so I am guessing he would like it long, again. (He is of the school: If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all…but he knows why I had to do it. Fine hair breaks.) Hope all is well with you and your family.

  5. My kingdom for curly hair! After shot plz? – Ret

  6. esther says:

    oh no! i like long hair 😦

    • dievca says:

      I am actually one of those people with a face that can carry a pixie cut, too. Strong jaw. Its where you are with yourself and in your life, I think, for hair length. It is fun to shake my head and feel the curls bounce all over. 😉

  7. I love long, curly and grey hair – I don’t understand why people insist on straightening or dyeing, I much prefer hair au naturel, it usually suits one best. xxx

  8. mysirsvixen says:

    Rubber band?? Send me your address and I will mail you hair friendly ties! No rubber bands! ( sounds like Virginia Wolfe…) To go gray or not is a personal thing, I bet you could carry it beautifully. It ages me and makes me look harsh.

    • dievca says:

      It was a hair tie — no rubber involved.
      Damn! Now, I’m thinking about Latex~
      I was in a hurry and tucked the tail end of the braid on itself to hide the scraggliness and it got REALLY stuck and I kept tearing hairs and couldn’t figure how to get it out. Time crunch, so snip. Problem solved! (Still couldn’t get the hair tie out to save it.)


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