State of Grace: Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali grace-dress-reversible-darkgrey5447_grandeNorma Kamali Grace Dress Black

state of grace
phrase of state
 1. a condition of being free from sin.
Granted the Pope was in town…but a State of Grace?
Hmm– not achievable for many of us.  
Maybe we can just buy the dress.

Norma Kamali
Fabric: TERRY
Fabric Care: 96% cotton, 4% spandex. Dry clean.

16 Comments on “State of Grace: Norma Kamali”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Simple and chic. Cannot go wrong x

  2. miss agatha armstrong says:

    Love your post – love the dress … and love being in a state of disgracefulness. .. much better place to be x

  3. Oh yes please! (I’m not even going to comment on the pope) xxx

    • dievca says:

      Interesting to watch a little of the Pope mania. City was empty trying to avoid the UN, Pope and Obama…. I’m afraid I took a walk away from my Faith awhile ago. Just trying to live a good Life and be good to others~

  4. esther says:

    i’m no angel…dress is nicer in black 😉 xx

  5. Notice the black dress paired with the brown shoes…I think we are going to see a lot of that this season. Love the black, but the lines of the grey stand out and lengthen…

  6. BoPeep says:

    Cannot decide which I like the best here, but on me, it would have to be black. I love the weight and drape of this, perfect for fall.


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