“The Fetish Project” — Ann Callis

Under Heinecken’s influence, Callis spent much of her time in grad school working on what she now calls her “fetish project.” The resulting photos — an evocative collection of anonymous models in semi-erotic poses — are her most sexually explicit imagery, and the subject of her latest book, Other Rooms, out this month from Aperture.

jo-ann-callis-04.Figure In Bath 1976jo-ann-callis-06.Woman in Crimson Slip 1978jo-ann-callis-02.Sand and Glove 1976jo-ann-callis-09.Hand In Honey 1976jo-ann-callis-01.Applying Lipstick 1976jo-ann-callis-08.Woman with Black Line 1976jo-ann-callis-07.Hands on Ankles 1976jo-ann-callis-10. Hair and Beets 1967jo-ann-callis-03.Legs on Dresser 1976jo-ann-callis-05.Nude Facing Wall 1976NYC Mag: the cut ARTICLE

9 Comments on ““The Fetish Project” — Ann Callis”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Foot and Ciggie is the best. Kudos on the red nail polish x

  2. esther says:

    I like the bathtub and the held ankles the best…in general, these photos wratched-up my anxiety level. xxx

  3. Shalom says:

    Heels, ankles, off balance and restrained on the chair! ~~swoon~~

  4. Clever, clever, clever! xxx


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