Inexpensive Joy in NYC


I had to limp through the ComicCon crowd. They are a very peaceful and happy crowd. No yelling, walking at a good pace, but not pushy if you are slower, happy with their signed posters.

Little ThorI walked past an adorable adopted 3-year-old on his Daddy’s shoulders. Dad was White, baby was Asian and dressed with a Thor hat and “muscle” suit – pleased as can be~

Black Feathered Wings.The sexy Black Girl Steampunk Angel with black feathered wings, cut out/illusion mesh body suit and goggles. Not a perfect body, but she rocked the outfit well which cancelled any flaw. (Lesson learned, be confident and whatever you wear will look great.)

Christopher Lee and Christopher Lee Junior for Kent UK in their Spider-Man just suitsA Spanish father and 7-year-old son wearing Spiderman gear. And the Dad talking up the ComicCon experience and all the neat characters they were going to see. Little guy, bouncing along – both smiling at me.

Wonder_Woman_Logo_T_Shirt_hi_resFour Women (ages 21 to 65, Black, White, Spanish, Asian) wearing “Wonder Woman” tee shirts.

Orthodox Jewish boys stand together at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, N.J,

Three Orthodox Jewish Boys, age 13 wandering back to the subway looking out-of-place in their hats, suitcoats and prayer shawls, but very happy. Who could begrudge them a little fun?

I got my joy out of ComicCon and didn’t even have to pay the entrance fee.

Inexpensive delight.

🙂  d.

Photos: Not of the NYC ComicCon people, I didn't have my camera-click on the photos for information.

8 Comments on “Inexpensive Joy in NYC”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Awesome, the wings are especially fab X

  2. mysirsvixen says:

    It’s always fun to see the Con-attendees, they are so INTO the event and oblivious to how out of place they might be. I admire them for that. The first Con we took our two youngest to was visual overload for us, we didn’t know the characters and the costumes were so outrageous, plus there was an obvious “fet” aspect to the older crowd ( hence the 18 an over events after 8pm…). She is still too young to attend the big city Cons, most need an over 21 to accompany minors, so we stick to the smaller city and college events. Glad you got to see some of the attendees!

    • dievca says:

      I had written M about what I saw and laughed when he came over and felt the need to tell me about the characters he ran into on the subway. He’s questions were more philosophical, “What drives people to dress up?” “Are they working and how are they serious in a job, as an adult and then flip the switch to become a child, again?” “What does this say about our society? Do I think it is good or bad?” We saw all ages – everyone seemed really happy.

      • mysirsvixen says:

        It’s a permissible escape from reality for some, for others it’s a creative outlet. Consider the 50 somethings who have successful professional careers yet on the weekends don leathers and climb on their Harley’s and cruise up the Northway or out on LI, acting all badass.

  3. Perhaps dressing up gives license to wear our joyful noise on the outside…


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