The Stars are Aligned….

BaubleBar Ear Constelltion Crawler Set

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For myself, I declare I don’t know anything about it. But the sight of the stars always makes me dream.
~Vincent Van Gogh
(Letters to Theo, July 1888)

Constellation Ear Crawler Set-Indigo/Hematite Earring | BaubleBar
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This ear crawler is shaped like a mini constellation and finished with petite gemstone embellishment. Wear a single five-pointed star stud in the other ear. This set includes 4 pieces. Please note that these delicate crawlers are not adjustable, so handle with care.

  • Closure: Post back
  • Materials: 14K gold-plated metal, glass
  • Measurements:
    Stud: length: 0.3″; width” 0.3″; weight: 0.01 oz.
    Crawler: length: (crawler): 0.6″; width: 0.02″; weight: 0.01 oz.

VIDEO   ♥ “We Are Star Dust” – Symphony of Science

7 Comments on “The Stars are Aligned….”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Very dainty and delicate X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Devonne says:

    Very pretty. I like how delicate they look.


  3. esther says:

    nice! xx


    • dievca says:

      Thought you might like them. Interesting concept – bauble bar – watching to see how they stay in business. I think it might be the “Wal-Mart” model (volume, volume, volume…)


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