Mermaids are REAL!

Mermaid Sirenella Lolliphile

The waters rush’d, the waters rose,

A fisherman sat by,
While on his line in calm repose

He cast his patient eye.

And as he sat, and hearken’d there,

The flood was cleft in twain,
And, lo! a dripping mermaid fair

Sprang from the troubled main.

She sang to him, and spake the while:

“Why lurest thou my brood,
With human wit and human guile

From out their native flood?
Oh, couldst thou know how gladly dart

The fish across the sea,
Thou wouldst descend, e’en as thou art,

And truly happy be!

“Do not the sun and moon with grace

Their forms in ocean lave?
Shines not with twofold charms their face,

When rising from the wave?
The deep, deep heavens, then lure thee not,–

The moist yet radiant blue,–
Not thine own form,–to tempt thy lot

‘Midst this eternal dew?”

The waters rush’d, the waters rose,

Wetting his naked feet;
As if his true love’s words were those,

His heart with longing beat.

She sang to him, to him spake she,

His doom was fix’d, I ween;
Half drew she him, and half sank he,

And ne’er again was seen.



Taking cosplay to another level — legs restrained by the Mermaid’s Tail. Working to lure your Master’s attention with your slinky body, subtle action and song.


Mermaid Lollipops – Lolliphile

In what may be the weirdest pairing of industries ever, our sister company, Sirenalia, is a full-on mermaid workshop, offering silicone mermaid tails & accessories, mermaid performers, mermaid retreats to paradise, and underwater photography. 

We’re pretty sure we’re offering the only mer-flavored & mer-approved candy in history. What’s it taste like? Kinda like a tropical drink after a quick swim in the Caribbean, kinda like magic, and kinda like the drowning deaths of thousands of lovestruck sailors.

Photos from the Sirenalia and Lolliphile websites

7 Comments on “Mermaids are REAL!”

  1. esther says:

    um, licking salty dead sailors is not my idea of candy. yuk! xx

    • dievca says:

      Oh, I don’t know….I’m keeping an open mind. My Lolliphile favorite flavors have been Maple Bacon and Pomegranate, so far. (Years ago, I purchase a set of Absinthe Lollies for a friend and decided to try some, too.)


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