Tutoring dievca: if she were to do it again~

NJOY Training Plugs

NJOY Training Plugs


dievca came to Master to let her submissive side shine.
she also arrived without a great deal of creative sexual experience. One of the first items Master addressed was Cock Worship. It was considered a necessity for the relationship to proceed and in the post Tutoring dievca: Camille Crimson and Fellatio, Master sent dievca on a wonderful tour of Cock Worship.

Anal Sex was another area that Master was interested in but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Master touched upon it but never set-up a training program or game plan for dievca. dievca quietly took it upon herself to start training her anal sphincter to relax.

When she finally told Master what she was doing, He assumed that because His dievca was so physical and she had trained her bum a little – anal sex would be a breeze. Wrong. dievca wasn’t able to relax enough.

Master and His dievca discussed options for more training. 

SHHHH…dievca admits…she stopped listening to Master’s “advice” when it didn’t give enough baby steps to make sense to her.  dievca continued with the smaller sized plug she had used.  she wore it at home, multiple times, for longer periods to train her muscles to relax. Then dievca bought the next size plug when she felt she was ready. The plugs were a “mishmash” of styles chosen by trial and error, plus availability and wearing comfort.

The progression:

Silver clear crystal anal plugThis small plug hurt to wear for a long period of time, so dievca sought something more comfortable for training in the next size.

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

This black plug was the workhorse of dievca’s training, something she could wear comfortably for a long period of time.

Gold Anal Plug A medium-sized option was weightier and gave dievca a more “full” feeling.

The large crystal plug dievca bought was…too large.

This is the point where dievca asked Master if they could try anal sex, again.
It still didn’t work well. Master’s Cock doesn’t get small at the top like the plugs do — dievca’s sphincter muscles needed to stay open.

Glass Anal Plug dievca added a glass plug with a wider neck and a homeopathic muscle warmer to help with relaxation,  The effectiveness of the “warming” spray might have been just mental, but…Anal Sex is a “mental” sport.

It worked!

It worked beautifully. dievca gained so much pleasure from anal sex and she knows that Master was thrilled, as well.

Would dievca do it the training again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat — BUT she would choose the NJOY training set in metal with an “o”-ring pull (first photo). Why? They look nicer, the curved shape avoids angles, the plugs should be easier to pull out of the bum and the 100% seamless metal looks easier to clean.  dievca would then finish the training with a large neck glass plug to mimic Master’s girth.

diecva hopes that you are inspired and helped by her tail (whoops!) tale. It’s not as glamorous as her Cock Worship learning experience, but the results are just as good! XO


12 Comments on “Tutoring dievca: if she were to do it again~”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Informative. Strange that no one seems to talk so openly about but plugs, training etc. X

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    • dievca says:

      Sodomy is illegal in 70 out of the 195 countries of the world (approximately 36%); in 40 of these, only male-male sex is outlawed. It’s not easy to find training info. and I had a couple people ask via e-mail. I was finally prompted to write the post when I saw a trainer set at a friends house. The plugs were sitting in a box, not where they should have been to train a bum… I also noted the neck size. I didn’t want that friend to be in pain. It was write a post or send an e-mail. Now I can say -“Hey, I saw some good info about anal sex on a blog! If you are interested, take a look.”

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  2. darkgemdom says:

    Kinda like the 3 bears!

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  3. Little Miss p says:

    I love your blog. I have been lurking for months after I stumbled upon it while researching a Dom cuff for my Sur. I love your sensibility and voice. Your thoughts on submission and sex and style are always unique, subtle, and intelligent. Thank you for sharing them.

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  4. Michael says:

    Sexy and educational! We may need a video to help us better visualize this journey… 😉


  5. you certainly are not shy about putting yourself out there! I admire your candid care of the details, the learning is good to share. I have not found training is needed…what I’ve found is the trust, the relaxed mind, eye contact during entry (yes it can be done), positioning, lubrication and the willingness to try a different day coupled with the ability to claim this is not The Day without fear of disappointing all come into play for this kind of erotic play. Truly rewarding. Surprisingly beautiful. Very intimate. Such a gift to give and get, yes?

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    • dievca says:

      You are of the same mindset as M!

      That just didn’t work for me….with M, traveling, me traveling, inconsistent meetings~etc. Training served to develop a relaxed mental attitude to backdoor invasion–making it a gentle knock at the door, so to speak.

      Being a former elite athlete, I am hyper-aware of my body and I believe in being well-trained for any physical endeavor. Training takes over when the mind cannot push through. You train to “win” on your worst day.

      What that means, now? No more training needed and if M. desires anal sex with His sub, no problem – good day or bad day, any position. AND His dievca will always enjoy it because she has no worries that her body and mind won’t clench.

      Thank you for sharing another view, though.


      • ah, i see…the mental mindset training plus the physical..from an athlete perspective….completely missed that connection….really….you believe it will allow you to always enjoy it. I’m Very. Impressed. with your END result! (sorry couldn’t help myself….) x0-Ret

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      • dievca says:

        Oh, Dear….we are getting bad. Umm, haven’t had a poor ending, yet, and I don’t foresee one in the future. Truly, it’s become a part of the ever changing menu of gorgeous sharing – mixed in without a pause, hesitation or big planning (of course, the lube allows things to slide along nicely~) Again, oh-dear. I need to head to sleep. XO 😉


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