This is us~

Love is not who you can see yourself with,
it is who you cannot see yourself without.


This quote stopped me.
This is us.
After the years, I don’t see myself without you.
The relationship might be strange, sometimes awkward, difficult — but sexual beauty, genuine caring, and love serves as its base.
I think you came to this realization, 1st. I’m just arriving, now.
Sometimes Your dievča is a little slow.
dievca couldn't find the author of the quote nor the source of the photo.


15 Comments on “This is us~”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Guess romance is not dead after all.

    • dievca says:

      Umm, I saw this quote when I was ready to just walk away bc I could no longer see myself with M. But, I realized that I cannot see myself without Him…and therefore we are something worthy to save. If that is romance – which it may be – so be it. XO

  2. Cinn says:

    Lovely ❤️

    • dievca says:

      It is — but I am fascinated when the knowledge arrived. I felt like someone was speaking to me directly when I couldn’t figure out why I should stay. I saw this, applied it and saw what M. saw.

  3. hispetitelle says:

    Totally understand. Beautiful.

  4. I totally agree… So happy that it worked out for you! xxx

  5. Beautiful, Dievca. You are a lovely person worthy of love 🙂

  6. When we are old and together, we will have our memories, our shared connections, old stories, perspective. It will not matter if we have chemistry–that will have evaporated (or so I hear)… in this way, working thru the bumps should be the wise choice, yet, for me, it isn’t. I want the chemistry now so that I have the connections, the old stories, the perspective. In the new year, i will pursue my needs. It was hard to list them because at first I listed them in order of what I wanted from my lover. When I reframed them, in order of what makes Me feel authentic and genuine I found that my needs were simple…I have three– my childrens’ stability, sensual/chemical connection and feeling joyful. I cannot have one without the others. In this way, your statement rings true… it is who I am without that drives me to move in the direction of love– in this case self-love… perhaps not traditional love, but then I have never been a traditional woman.

    • dievca says:

      If you can love yourself — you can take care of yourself and your lover will come on your ride and share your joy. Not be obligated to cater to your fears. Best to love yourself and family, then know that you heart is whole and can open to accept more.

      Someday let me tell you about my parents — and being sensual into your 80’s. Heartwarming and Hilarious. I pray that I am that aware and lucky.


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