07:20 Jan 8 (Manhattanhenge sunrise)

Manhattanhenge_satellite_view.svg (1)

This photo by NASA and corresponding lines were developed in 2011, but the amount the sun moves in 4 years is minimal (perhaps a day shift for leap year in 2012), the surrounding days should be close…

dievca is off of work on January 8th,
she can get out to try to take a photo of the Winter Manhattanhenge.
7:20 am —hmmm…traffic…
Let’s see if she can avoid being hit by a car while trying to get a photo.
Cross Fingers. Please wish dievca luck!


10 Comments on “07:20 Jan 8 (Manhattanhenge sunrise)”

  1. Esther F. Gorden says:

    round two? xx


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Be careful and good luck !

  3. Pelelotus says:

    Please be careful and good luck. X

  4. esther says:

    be careful and keep your focus 📸


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