to the delight of dievca…she caught it!

dievca was walking to 6th Ave to catch the F train this morning.
And she snapped the Manhattanhenge Dawn!
before the sun went behind clouds.
Just random Luck!


15 Comments on “to the delight of dievca…she caught it!”

  1. Yay! All the traffic dodging finally paid off!
    Great photo!


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  2. esther says:

    woo hoo! great job! πŸ’₯

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  3. zaychishka says:

    Amazing shot! πŸ™‚

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  4. hispetitelle says:

    Whoo hoo! Lovely. I want a print!

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  5. Aha! Finally! Well done πŸ™‚ xxx

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