A little snow goes a long way~

dievca woke to a muffled murmur and the comforting feeling of being insulated….until the sirens broke the City silence. As she looked out her window, she saw a “white out” and snow gently coming down. It’s the first winter storm: “Storm Jonas”– a friend has a son named “Jonas” and that friend was getting texts all night as she, dievca and others sorted jewelry with sushi and wine.

dievca’s work day will be up-in-arms, but she’s taking a moment to delight in the view while enjoying coffee and oatmeal with dried cherries.  Please join her. XO

And what dievca will be wearing as she plows through the snow to get to work:

PS. dievca wishes she was in the Poconos skiing…..sigh. Maybe next month.

9 Comments on “A little snow goes a long way~”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Bloody hell, what a pain in arse! Good luck x

  2. As a former New Yorker I have to say that the snow aways looks is nicest when is fresh. In all honesty though I don’t miss it.

  3. esther says:

    being slammed with snow…expecting 2 feet of it! 🙀❄️☃🌨

  4. Brazen says:

    You make me almost wish i were there xo


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