It closed on Sunday…here’s hoping it travels…feeding an obsession.

Neon Shoes- Pleasure and Pain

dievca and Master missed it…dievca didn’t get to London this year and Master just passed through the City…sigh.

In 2015, you may remember that Master and dievca took the subway to see a fabulous exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum: Killer Heels – The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe
Master and dievca: Killer Heels

Jay Zukerkorn Christian Louboutin's “Printz,” Spring/Summer 2013–14.

Jay Zukerkorn Christian Louboutin’s “Printz,” Spring/Summer 2013–14.


Shoes are a bit of an obsession with dievca. Master enjoys the design aspect of dievca’s selections and has helped her clear her closets of ones that weren’t worthy of attention:
Shoe Triage: Gone Girls — clearing a closet

(ummm — a side note: dievca still has two posts to write about this shoe clear out. “Keepers” and “Maybes” — but she has been too busy e-Baying, Buffalo Exchanging and Goodwill-ing the shoes…and she is almost clear.)

What they missed….

Victoria and Albert Museum
Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

Mandatory Credit: Photo by News (UK) Ltd / Rex Features (212718m) Naomi Campbell falling over Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show, Paris, France - 1993

Mandatory Credit: Photo by News (UK) Ltd / Rex Features (212718m)
Naomi Campbell falling over
Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show, Paris, France – 1993

13 June 2015 – 31 January 2016

The exhibition, which just closed, looked at the extremes of footwear from around the globe. Offering around 200 pairs of shoes ranging from a sandal decorated in pure gold leaf originating from ancient Egypt to some of the most elaborate designs by contemporary makers. The exhibition considered the cultural significance and transformative capacity of shoes.

It looks like the exhibition was broken into 5 sections:

4-InShoes-Pleasure-and-Pain-at-the-VandA-Victoria-and-Albert-Museum stations view VogueCompiled and modified from the Guradian UK articles below:

It is this knife-edge walk between pleasure and pain that forms the throughline of the V&A show. Shoes matter, then, because they mark the place where our bodies contact the world and stories begin.

Posing, is what many of the shoes in this exhibition are all about. The grand parade of skyscraper heels, needle-point toes and clunky buckles is designed to make the point that useful activity, let alone manual labour, is pretty much impossible if you opt for statement footwear. The real intention, suggested the satirists, was to make sure they stood out in a crowd.

The commentators may have been right. Some women say they feel “powerful” in heels, others feel “sexy”. In truth, it can be difficult to parse the difference between the two. Nowhere is this clearer than in the section devoted to the shoe industry’s borrowings from the sex trade. Discreet pilferings first became apparent in the 1890s when boots that looked as though they belonged in a brothel turned up on ordinary women doing a spot of light shopping in Selfridges.

But you don’t have to be an aristocratic model with avant-garde toes to care about this stuff. One of the great shifts in recent years, says the V&A’s curator Helen Persson, is the way that the language of shoe obsession has filtered down and broadened out. “It’s impossible to overestimate the impact of Sex and the City”, she explains.

Knowing this stuff in theory and living it out in practice are, of course, different things. The exhibition ends by trying to understand why some women, and a few men, build up vast collections of shoes that they are unlikely to ever get round to wearing.

Master does understand dievca’s obsession with shoes and He was able to piece together her style through her design choices. she’s not sure what He really thought, but Master says He understands His dievca better after sorting the shoes…

The pleasure and pain of shoes: something afoot at the V&A
Shoes: Pleasure and Pain review: V&A explores exquisite torture of footwear
Vogue UK article about the exhibition

Please send the exhibition across the pond….please?!?!?! XO

13 Comments on “It closed on Sunday…here’s hoping it travels…feeding an obsession.”

  1. It didn’t match with my schedule either *sigh* (so you can feel a bit better, knowing you’re in company) xxx

  2. Anami Blog says:

    I didnt go either, and I live in London… Shame on me… If you plan to come to London, please let me know, I would love to meet you!!!!
    Anami, xx

  3. Heartafire says:

    great post Dieva, I can see the pain!

  4. shoesssssssssssss. bootssssssssssss. heelsssssssssss. fetish? no! The right pair can make the outfit. Oh, no outfit? (wink) The right pair still fits, yes!?

  5. esther says:

    it’s always about power and control…something as basic as being able to walk…or not, and how far you can go within. they are beautiful though. xx


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