Underpinings – a frank discussion

blush-pretty-pleasure-longline-strapless-bra-intense-black-dotBlush Women's Pretty Pleasure Retro Brief [Intense Black DotGentlemen — you may or may not be interesting in this discussion.  Feel free to join in, lurk or click yourself away.  dievca is talking underwear and frustration….

Years ago, when dievca was in her mid 30’s, she became obsessed with matching underwear. she never really worried about it before, but it became a bit of an obsession. Master doesn’t realize it because he sees the good stuff (which matches). But friends tease dievca because her everyday comfort wear is very practical, sporty and matches.

Victoria's Secret Full Coverage Unlined Body by Victoria braVictoria’s Secret had the answer with their Body by Victoria series. Full Coverage, unlined bras with matching underwear. No bows, no dangly things between the breasts, no sparkles, no skimping on the size of the cup. dievca bought matching sets in every color: fuscia, teal, brown, red, marigold, orange, white, nude, black, light pink, burgundy, olive-green.  she kept going back to add sets until the design of the bras changed. After years, the sets are dying and dievca is holding onto the remnants while searching for a solution.

Victoria's Secret Unlined Demi Bra - The T-Shirt - Victoria's Secret

she thought she got lucky, again, at Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret T-shirt bra – unlined. OK, so there was sparkly material but she would survive…no time to try the bras on in the store, dievca got the bras home and there was a serious problem. Yes, they were unlined, but they were a demi-cup and not full coverage. Well, let’s just say that dievca’s cups spilleth over. Double boob is not attractive at all — back they went. No cup size up because everything was on sale – the 34th Street store was a mess.

Disgusted…dievca cleared out the really messy pieces in her lingerie drawer and started to wear the 2nd tier leftovers….the non-matching stuff…the athletic stuff…and the really good stuff that isn’t super comfortable for everyday….while keeping a lookout for a new brand/new sets.

Aha!  dievca found some replacements online, a little fancier, but on sale and….THEY FIT!

blush-lingerie-mood indigo-bra-soft-seduction-unlined-underwire-demi-bras-product-hipster Blush Sweetest Sin dark_ivy_bra and hipster

An Indigo and Green set from Blush called “Sweetest Sin”. dievca will be watching for other colors!

And, yes, she did get the set at the top of the post from Blush, too. That set is called “Pretty Pleasure”, but it’s no longer available on the Blush website. Sorry.

blush-lingerie-intense black polka dot-bra-pretty pleasure--bras-product retro brief

And if Master surprises dievca?  she will be elegantly clad at all times, right? XO

13 Comments on “Underpinings – a frank discussion”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A fine choice, polka dots are ALWAYS a winner x

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  2. cpmandara says:

    I have a thing for matching sets, though I confess I don’t always wear them. I like to keep the other half on his toes 😉

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  3. Devonne says:

    The frustration is real! I hate it when they discontinue a design that works well for you. The Blush sets are pretty, are they as comfortable to wear as the everyday sporty VS sets?

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    • dievca says:

      I haven’t worn them enough, yet. (They are a recent purchase~) I think that I have come close, though – time will tell if I keep grabbing them out of the drawer. I also picked up a couple of Wolford sets (navy, teal, red and expensive…) and a set from Huit (orange). I’m working the Winter Sales, hard. Cross fingers.
      Do you have a certain brand/set that you like?


  4. esther says:

    underwear has become my nemesis…firstly, the bras don’t fit because of that stupid cancer i had; then, the bikini bottoms didn’t fit because of that stupid hysterectomy; then, the bras didn’t fit again when a new medication blew up the size of my girls. 😦 now i’m wearing camis, no bra, and french cut high waisted panties. i try to make them match. at least Spike never complained. aaarrrgggghhhh!!! i like your polka dot set 🙂 xxx

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    • dievca says:

      Esther, I have a friend who is starting to design an underwear line with the thought that everyone’s booty is shaped differently and that issue can be addressed more fully. I’m going to keep you in mind when I talk to her about it….XO


  5. jackiemallon says:

    Elegant, I’ll say!

    I know the disappointment when your favorite underwear is discontinued. I had a similar situation with Elle McPherson Intimates. They were very delicate and pretty and support was just enough for those whose cup doesn’t runneth over. Then the parent company replaced Elle with Heidi Klum. The styles have changed somewhat and I bristle at the idea of wearing the name Heidi Klum on my person. So I shopped around and shopped around. What name is scrawled between my shoulder blades? Bloody Heidi Klum. 😦

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    • dievca says:

      Hmmm. Well, Elle McPherson did have “the body”! — Did they take on Heidi Klum’s name for brand recognition in the US? Are the Elle pieces still available in Australia and the UK — oh, I just saw that Bendon doesn’t offer it anymore. How about Stella McCartney? The name wouldn’t bother me as much as the design changes — c’mon…I had a slew of VS. If wearing that label isn’t trite, I don’t know what is~


      • jackiemallon says:

        They just swapped out the ambassadors but worldwide only Heidi Klum now. Who knows why? Perhaps I am persnickety about these things but branding any part of me with that twit Klum’s name bothers me. Aren’t those little frilly nothings supposed to make you feel special even if no one but you sees them? Well, HK doesn’t give me that special feeling, quite the opposite. Coincidentally Stella is actually made by the same company and pretty indeed but price point is way higher.


  6. I strive to wear a matching set…but, when I don’t, it’s only because I’ve already dropped to the floor this one … or the other… Muah- Ret

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