So Many Ways To Go~Presenting for Master

Originally written for Christina Mandara’s Blog and posted on February 26th, 2016.
Thank you, again, Christina!BDSM SkirtDress the Part

Let’s talk clothing and D/s.
Let’s talk about the way dievca has Master’s preferences and desires in her mind every time she goes shopping.  Let’s talk about how she plans simple or intricate outfits to surprise her Master. Why? Because this is a part of their dynamic that developed so many years ago and has kept their time together fresh.

Who is dievca? dievca is Master’s submissive. she’s a bit of a clotheshorse and Master desires diversity. Master and dievca are not in a 24/7 relationship, but dressing for Master drives many fashion and styling choices in dievca’s World.

Ms. Christina Mandara was kind enough to ask dievca to write a post about BDSM submissive fashion/style.  It’s a tough topic because there are so many ways to go when presenting for your Master or Mistress. Their needs and desires are the focus. But, if your Dom (Domme) is more flexible in their Presentation Requirements and they love the idea that their submissive should think ahead and dress for them…dievca might be able to offer some suggestions!

One tenet that has defined Master and dievca’s relationship in regards to presenting is “Diversity”.  Master likes for His dievca to change it up. That said, Master does have His favorite types of outfits and dievca will be using one as a template.  In fact, she is coming into this post with the thought of finding a new presentation outfit for her Master – she is hoping this will spark some creativity for other submissives.

Master’s Preferences:

Master prefers His dievca to look ladylike when they are out in public.  He wants His dievca to show-off her curves, be confident and offer hints of BDSM in jewelry or accessories – riding the edge of telling all.

The Dress:

1950's Day Dress

Vintage 1950’s Day Dress – It’s been sold (Etsy)

Underneath it all is lingerie that is appropriate for Presentation. Master prefers His dievca to be in attractive lingerie while serving and submitting at home. He has a fondness for Corsets, stockings, and heels. The blatantly slutty pieces don’t seem to go down well — Master prefers to unwrap His submissive and catch glimpses of her ASSets. Ava London in a couture Underbust2

Ava London in Ava London in a couture Underbust

Floral Couture Underbust

The Underpinnings:

dievca has been fascinated by a Corset Company based in Los Angeles. Exquisite Restraint -they have Limited Edition offerings or you can just design your own. she doesn’t own an underbust corset and the idea of wearing it over a slip is something different for Master.

dievca’s would add a black garter belt and seamed stockings from What Katie Did. No panties.

What Katie Did Liz 6 strap Garter Belt

Liz 6 strap Garter Belt

What Katied Did retro_seamed_hosiery

Retro Seamed Nude

And simple heels in Black:

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik

The Accessories:

dievca would finish it off with a Vintage Collar she has been eyeing. Master has been very generous in the past with dievca’s “Public” Collars, but this one is very bold.

Vintage Collar Gold Bold 1 inch etsy-vintage-gold-collar-necklace-human-dog

Item has been Sold (Etsy)

Some other pieces that dievca would add from her collection:

Vintage 1950's white gloves Vintage 1950's leather handbagGold Anal Plug
Anne Sportun 18k Yellow Gold Peridot Ring
18K Gold Plated Cuff

The Beauty:

A Chignon with simple daytime make-up, heavier on the eyebrows and eyelashes – plus, deep red lips: à la Audrey Hepburn.

OK….so the look is very 1950’s Retro and perhaps not your Master/Mistresses thing.  dievca would suggest that sit a moment and think of the items you have worn that have made your Dom/Domme very pleased or excited. Then communicate that you would like to choose a presentation outfit as a surprise and build an outfit around those items – your Master/Mistress might not go for it, but at least they know you would thinking about their wants and needs as a good submissive should.  XO



9 Comments on “So Many Ways To Go~Presenting for Master”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Who would want to deny Dievca? X

  2. missagathaarmstrong says:

    beautiful post… two things … that dress is just what I have been searching for and …. I wear underbust corsets all the time.. with oversized shirts underneath … except for now as it is too cold and look odd with jumpers ..

    just a snippet ….

    I adore my corsets and have a lovely collection. but oh that dress x

    • dievca says:

      Thank you and love corset! A beautiful share! The dress is fabulous, sigh, but sold. If you look up “Day Dress” on Etsy, sometimes you get very lucky. 🙂

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        there is a company here in London … it’s a tiny home grown company … and if you don’t mind… i am going to ask them if they can copy it… they only do 50’s style dresses ….

        in the next few weeks I shall pack away my jumpers … it’s still cold but less freezing and bring out my corsets again … I have missed them … and so have the customers… (I work in an old smelly boat shop and where … very inappropriately… white trousers and corsets … they make people smile x

        have a really lovely day dearest Dievca …

        Oh… and Mr F is paying me a visit tomorrow… and while I dress I shall think a moment of you x

      • dievca says:

        Hurrah! Let them copy the dress — that is fantastic. If you are able to get it made — let me know how it turns out. And enjoy Mr. F – as always. XO

  3. It is an interesting dynamic. I know for me, whenever I would shop I would always have His preferences in mind. I always seemed to know what he would like whether it was what I was wearing or how I presented my gifts, tasks, punishments to him. That certain symbiosis, how your desires mesh well, that shows the strength of the connection. The pieces that you showed were beautiful and classic. Very elegant.

    • dievca says:

      Thank you and everyone runs differently in D/s, right? — but it sounds like you and I have a little bit of fashion/styling as a part of our relationships. Doesn’t hurt, adds a little flavor and joy to the mix. It’s always nice to think of someone and have them know you thought of them in some way, too. For me? A way to honor my M.


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