Master’s Scruff


Oral Sexdievca woke gently. she felt Master’s scruff scrape her belly as He made His way down to her pussy. she turned her head and spied Master’s Cock coming to attention waiting for her Worship.

Older Gentleman and scruff

Master does Scruff well.  He’s usually very clean-cut, but in the evening or the follow morning — scruff appears. He’s lucky — he doesn’t have to do a lot of maintenance and if He does let His beard grow, Master knows where to get it groomed  in the City.

Many women find a little scruff on a guy very sexy. On the other hand, if the gentleman doesn’t do it right, what he thinks might be sexy actually makes him look messy or scary. (OK, OK — dievca knows that some people go for that version of scruff –not her…)

Some general trends and commentary about Men’s facial hair:

  • Studies have indicated that women find facial stubble the most “attractive” look when it comes to facial hair. One study went a step further, separating “light stubble” from “heavy stubble,” at which point women found heavy stubble the most attractive and light stubble the least.
  • Unsurprisingly, women found men with facial hair more “masculine” than men without.
  • Likely tied to the idea that greater masculinity=better provider, women rated men with full beards as most likely to have good parenting skills.
  • Clean-shaven and full-bearded men were rated higher on personal cleanliness than men with stubble of any length.
  • Commentary on stubble from Gawker, Hamilton Nolan: Stubble is supposed to be a byproduct of an underlying lifestyle that some find attractive. It is a transitory state in the ongoing drama of a man who doesn’t give a f*** about society’s facial hair grooming expectations.  
    Now consider the man who grooms his stubble. He is living a lie. He wants to experience the social benefits of the non-caring attitude that stubble conveys, while actually caring very much. He is, in his own way, just as fake as the middle-aged man who buys a leather jacket and a motorcycle to appear tough, or the insecure man who gets silicone muscle implants to appear strong. He does not care for authenticity; he cares only for appearance. His image is not grounded in truth. He is a man who cares less for honesty than he does for his own self-dealing. He may appear, in all ways, to be a fine person. But he is not to be trusted.

That said, dievca went on the hunt for some suggestions for Sirs/Mr’s to develop their scruff.

When should someone NOT wear stubble?

  • Facial hair does not grow in evenly. You can’t force hair to grow on a bald patch.
  • With a chubby face. Scruff will accentuate the problem.
  • It doesn’t fit your style. Stubble isn’t meant for everyone.
  • The beard hair is a weird color. The blond caterpillar mustache with the ginger cheek hair and pure white patch is just strange. scruff

Help for rocking stubble:

  • Shave at night (your whole face). If you shave at night, you’ll already be on your way to some decent stubble by morning. This is what works for Master. If you need more time to grow stubble — shave at night and then let it grow.
  • Don’t try to shape it. Unless you are trying to grow a full on beard.
  • One exception to the no-shaping rule. If you have some stray hairs growing too high on your cheeks, you should get rid of them.
  • Watch the length. Stubble is not a full beard, make sure you shave (or trim) it regularly enough to keep up with the speed your hair grows.
    • To achieve the perfect five o’clock shadow, use an adjustable beard trimmer with the built-in guard all the way back, celebrity stylist Craig the Barber told Men’s Health. Clippers with a No.1 guard work, too.
    • Trim your hair, making multiple passes for consistency.

Now that dievca has offered some guidance for scruff — she’s going to hope that Master decides that he is not in the mood to shave today and perhaps dievca  will get lucky!

Thank you to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,,, and


11 Comments on “Master’s Scruff”

  1. cpmandara says:

    Forget tough enough, is he scruff enough? 🙂 LOVE it! Will be reblogging 😉

  2. cpmandara says:

    Reblogged this on Christina Mandara and commented:
    Forget tough enough, is he scruff enough? Lovely post from Dievca…

  3. esther says:

    i still like clean shaven, but have learned to embrace the scruff. while beards are still trendy right now, i just don’t like them, and the goatee even less. xx

  4. jackiemallon says:

    You are a diligent fact finder.
    That does not look comfortable for sustained pleasure!

  5. outoftheashesofmylife says:

    I love a bit of scruff. So sexy

    • dievca says:

      I’m open for both — to match Jackie’s comment, it does get rough after awhile. Not so into beards — might be the gay boy, Brooklyn Hipster thing. Too much. 😀

      • outoftheashesofmylife says:

        Hate beards… Just a nice bit of stubble… But yes, just for looks… Feel can be somewhat like a Brillo pad 😌


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