Braving Macys NYC

Macys Flower Show Header

dievca braved Macys on Weds. she needed their optical department and was stunned to see that the Spring Flower Show was going on until April 3rd.  It wasn’t as ornate as in the past, not as lush.

The theme is “America the Beautiful”.

Here’s some photos dievca took on the fly, braving the tourist mobs (Plus, a couple of fun Kate Spade handbags which distracted dievca.) 😀

And an interesting find across from the Optical Department … a little nod to Shibari in the form of Nautical Home Decorating.


Photos: dievca Macys NYC 2016

8 Comments on “Braving Macys NYC”

  1. Somebody could get tied up looking at all that art…..

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  2. Pelelotus says:

    Love the wink clutch x

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  3. Flowers and Kate Spade, Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

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  4. Brave Dievca! You are ready to go trekking in Crete! (hope you also found your eyewear) xxx

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