Bubblegum Apricot? Capri Apple Blossom?

Who thinks of this sh*t stuff?

dievca is still on the quest for Bra and Knickers sets.
she’s added two more:

Mimi Holiday
Foxglove Comfort Underwire Bra and Classic Knickers in…Bubblegum Apricot
Really? Bubblegum Apricot? See?

Mimi Holiday Foxglove Comfort Underwire Bra Mimi Holiday Foxglove Panties Bubblegum Apricot


Heidi Klum
Louisa Underwire Bra and Culottes in…Capri Apple Blossom
dievca is not making this stuff up…really.

Heidi Klum Louisa Underwire Bra jpeg heidi-klum-intimates-capriappleblossom-louisa-culotte-boyshort-

Well, the color names don’t matter because the items FIT!

15 Comments on “Bubblegum Apricot? Capri Apple Blossom?”

  1. wow– but where do you find stockings to match those colors? πŸ˜€

  2. Bubblegum Apricot :)…I like the color though.

  3. Yes what Musclehead said! Lol (hi, Chris) I want the job making up the names of lingerie colors…

  4. jackiemallon says:

    Result! You wouldn’t think it would be this hard, right? I hate undie shopping. Worse than shopping for jeans.

    • dievca says:

      I’m going with the jeans shopping. I always want what I can’t have — too many developed muscle groups on the lower half of my body. Thank goodness for Lycra. Levi’s were not my friend as a child, even though I desperately wanted to wear them.

  5. Ooh, I love the colours!
    Alder just bought me a bra just like that apricot one; I’ve been wearing it today! Love sexy undies beneath my work clothes! πŸ’œ


    • dievca says:

      Fabulous! You know what? M has never bought me lingerie — hah! Hmm, can’t decide if I am jealous or not. I never thought of that until now. He is a jewelry type of guy. (Or maybe he knows how much fun I have surprising him…)

      • Don’t tell (I’m pretty confident he won’t read here); to surprise Alder I have ordered myself a couple of latex pieces! Very excited, can’t wait for it to arrive!

      • dievca says:

        Fantastic — my advice? Practice putting them on and use the talc/lube…read about my latex dress disaster for M. Hilarious! We laughed super hard. (But, the skirts I have work really well.)


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