For the Gods, for myself.

Wine and hips

I forgot to tell you that I drank a half bottle of wine, yesterday.  I was hung over, slightly, at work.
Actually, I didn’t forget…I wasn’t sure to mention it or not…I’m mentioning it, now.
I brought you home from the hospital, a year ago, yesterday. Tubes/bags and all. Measured and emptied the bags. Helped you shower. Gave you big pillows. Gave you Purell. Helped you to sleep.
This year? I worked, cleaned up my apartment, masturbated and drank wine.  More than two glasses. No one to photograph me – Thank Goodness.
It was a good day, both years.
Not sure what you did this year — if you even acknowledged there was cause for celebration.
But, I did~ for the Gods…and for myself.

8 Comments on “For the Gods, for myself.”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A well deserved treat x

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  2. esther says:

    sometimes i eat comfort food in celebration of not being a dead person, but each anniversary of a major surgery is noted on my calendar. you gotta do whatever it takes to cope with life’s punches. turning a blind eye is one way. getting down with wine is another. i prefer mac n cheese 😉 (((d))) xx

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    • dievca says:

      I know of a place in the City which serves gorgeous mac and cheese (broccoli, bacon, 3 cheeses, diced tomatoes) and some decent wine.
      Here is to Good Health! XO


  3. Ret MP says:

    I raise my glass in recognition of the moments past and present. May we know the peace of acceptance and reflect upon the ability to be tuned in, and out, at the same time.

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