Packing for a (longer) Getaway!

shopbop packing list 20151201_packinglist

dievca is planning her packing for the Spring Trip.  Last year she was running to salvation (she ran away to the Beach) from illness, sadness, pain and death to friends in Florida.

This year, it’s more light and happy. dievca is catching up with a very close friend in Europe and then they are heading to Crete. Told to pack light (20 kg) and include her hiking boots…dievca is starting to think it through.

If you have any suggestions — please share.

Here’s what she is looking at so far:

7 Comments on “Packing for a (longer) Getaway!”

  1. OOooooooooooooo– Crete ! Lovely– I hope you have a grand time, D !

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  2. overmy2knees says:

    Is this a solo trip, or with your Master? Love the array!

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    • dievca says:

      Just me! I’m catching up with a friend from Graduate School — very low key. M just traveled and will be traveling after I get back…we are like two ships passing in the night. The good news is we are able to connect in Port before the next leg of the journey. That’s what happens with work and family.


  3. Pelelotus says:

    Hope you have a spanking time x

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