Pavlov’s Response?

Master left for a month+ travel, business and family.
Prior activities to Him leaving included fabulous shower sex –
which ended intensely and safely….more on that later.
And while Master is gone, He gave His dievca directions to take good care of herself.
That includes self-love:

Cosmo Magazine Self Love

Graphic: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Since dievca is trying to catch up with her work and Life…time is short.
But, a solo moment, even a quickie, makes the day move along more easily.

One of Master’s favorite young Artists sang about dievca’s midday moment… the song is not exactly about solo sex, but the first line mentions it as a part of the protagonist’s routine —
Oh what an ordinary day. Take out the garbage, masturbate.”

VIDEO: St. Vincent – Birth in Reverse

Sometimes a dievca’s got to do what a dievca’s got to do.

The funny thing is that dievca can get herself completely into the moment, riding that edge of orgasm. But, if she needs to move over the top quickly –
all it takes is thinking about Master’s Cock in her mouth …
voilà… strong, hard, Orgasm!

It’s uncanny.

Pavlov’s response?


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