Sex in the Summer

Summer LakeMonday will be the first day of Summer
and the question which came to mind as dievca rode her bike to work,
“Do people have more sex during the summer?”

“Do Spring Flings,
Summer Lovin’,
Long Hot Summer Evenings and lack of clothing promote sex?”

Dr. Janice Epp, former Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, offered her take:

“There isn’t any research that there’s any difference,” Epp said of the seasons.

“What might be so New York might not be so in Miami. [But] it used to be that thousands and thousands of years ago, when we were primarily agricultural and living off the land in prehistoric times, obviously weather affected peoples’ sexuality.”

How so?

“People living in climates with very little sunlight, what did people have to do? They could sit around the campfire and tell stories, or they could go into their tent and have sex.”

close up of couples legs wearing pyjamas

Studies have indicated that there’s a peak in human sexual activity right around Christmas, as well as a lesser upswing during the summer vacation. These shifts might be more likely due to psychological stimuli, not physiological ones. Event-based rather than seasonal. For instance, one statistic showed the trend between winter holiday hookups and students celebrating the end of their school terms, which included a higher likelihood of people engaging in unprotected sex during that time period. In the U.S., most babies are conceived from November to January.

From the same source (the Daily Beast), this trend was noted:

“Nearly twice as many people have turned down offers of sex because the temperature was too high than have turned down offers of sex because the temperature was too low.”

But then we run into this:

sandy-hipsA separate study, conducted by Nicolas Guéguen and his team of scientists at the University of South Brittany in France, supported this idea of heightened flirting during the summer.

According to Taylor and Francis, on Science Daily, “It was found that women were more receptive to being approached and flirted with – and giving out their phone numbers – on sunny days: over a fifth – 22.4 percent – of women did so when the sun was out, as opposed to 13.9 percent on the cloudy days.”

Or this: 

According to Daily Mail, statistics show there may, in fact, be a clear-cut “mating season” – or a time of the year when sex (however casual) is most prominent.

Using a survey that gauged which month subjects reported to be their most sexually active, August (the peak of the summer) was the most common.

Interestingly enough, while February is the month containing the most “romantic holiday” of the calendar year, it also was reported as the least “sexually active” month on the calendar.

What a MESS: 

maybe J. Bryan Lowder from Slate says it best:

It depends. The most concrete measure of rates of sexual activity is the seasonal pattern of birth rates. As it turns out, the numbers depend on where in the world you live. According to one literature review (PDF), in southern and tropical climates, births tend to decrease in the spring, indicating that conception was less common during the previous summer. Researchers postulate that deterioration of sperm quality during the hot summer months may depress fertilization success. Other research shows a decrease in testosterone levels—and therefore possibly sexual desire—in men during the same period. People living in cooler northern climes demonstrate the opposite pattern, with peak birth rates occurring in the spring—nine months after summertime.

So, to answer dievca’s question,
summer lovin’ is not necessarily a thing.

Though sexual patterns may vary, a season-conception correlation be demonstrated with births. (wink, wink)

Thank you to Victoria Bekiempis from the VILLAGE VOICE and Dan Scotti from ELITE DAILY prompting these musings.

4 Comments on “Sex in the Summer”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Interesting history on our mating season. X

  2. 🙂 Hmmm….more research always welcome on the subject, I think. 🙂


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