Her first Love~

Newborn-baby-girl-in-pink-hatYou fell in love with your daughter when she was born.
Scrunchy, red, ugly – but you didn’t care.
She was your girl.
Her first Love was You.

She fell in love with Daddy.

father-656734_1920You’re the one who would squeeze her tight and read to her at night.
You’re the one who would do goofy voices and want to travel.
You went through:
Father Daughter tricycle Getty ImagesPestering siblings.
Driving to practices.
Getting into schools.
Taking a backseat to other kid’s “needs”.
Embarrassing her in front of friends.
Looking at you weird after you come home from work, burnt out.
Sneaking peeks at what you were doing.
Family challenges.
Disappearing during University and Graduate School.
Coming back as an adult with an understanding of life.
She was still your girl…
Until you passed her over to her new husband, today.
father-daughter-wedding-06 Steve Koo wedding-daddy-daughter-firstlook-8
The good news? He might take over her heart, but she will always have a special place for Daddy.
You are her first boyfriend.
Her first Love.
Dad a daughter's first Love
No one can replace Daddy.
I know, I have a Daddy, too.
With Love and Petals: Father / Daughter Photos That Will Make You Cry (and dievca did cry)


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