Subway Manners-and kindness. (a bit of a rambling rant – sorry)

Manspreader2 Manspreader no faceNo, dievca does not want to see your balls displayed like a male dog showing you his family jewels to get a belly rub.  she just wants you to close your legs and allow room for others. she will shove her firm a** in to sit and make you close your legs.  The dirty look doesn’t work — she really doesn’t care. she grew up with brothers.

The MTA is still working the ads:


But, it looks like they tried this tact before:

MANSPREADING3-jumbo vintage

After her irritation with Manspreaders, dievca has run into subway kindness.  What is subway kindness? Take a look:

Beyond Manners: Brooklyn-bound A train in January  — an article on Subway awareness and kindness. A gentleman shares his shirt.

There are pseudo homeless people begging in NYC and then they head to Florida for the Winter. But, there are people who you know are not functioning well and you watch for them…   One of my gentleman I kept an eye for was someone I dubbed, “The Watcher”.  He roamed around the Columbus Circle subway station and along 8th Ave/55, 56, 57th street.  Never bothering anyone, always silent, always standing, always watching.  I tried to make sure he had food. Sadly, I haven’t seen him in a year.

Or at the bus stop when an elderly Lady isn’t dressed properly for the weather — you can survive without your fun, purple cashmere, fleeced-lined mittens. She can’t. Her chilblained hands need them, immediately, and the color brightened her day. How do you know? She said so~

You know good Subway Manners when you see them and you know when someone really needs your help in NYC. Be aware.

Prompted by dievca’s recent subway rides and this quote:

“If you take a subway together and he man-spreads, pole hogs, or doesn’t offer his seat to the elderly or pregnant riders, don’t fuck him. Manners make a man — and a good lay.”
— Irina, 25 (Refinery29 Post)

PS: This is how dievca reacts to Manspreaders on the subways….sometimes it is good to be built strong, have a solid ass and a don’t mess with me attitude.

13 Comments on “Subway Manners-and kindness. (a bit of a rambling rant – sorry)”

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    good morning lovely one… I have not travelled on the tube (that’s what’s we call the subway here) in five years … I have not ventured onto any kind of public transport in that time.

    it upsets me so much so wise daughter said to stop. she and I were on a tube sitting minding our own business when a young man got on and stood infront of us. His trousers/jeans were only covering the tops of his legs.. my daughter … she much have been about 10 – well the view of this young man’s underwear was very unpleasant. it took every ounce of my best behaviour not to pull his jeans right down.

    then … I defended a tiny child while his mother pinched his little hand so hard for being a little child … I told her that if I pinched her like she was pinching him… would she listen … she almost bashed me. but when she got off at her station the entire carriage applauded …

    it is safer thar I travel in my little car xxz

    • dievca says:

      There are fun things to see and good people — you just have to ride the subway (the tube) enough to “see it all“. (and they wonder why NY-ers are “jaded”)
      applauding you!

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        the problem that I have is that when I see things that are not right or good… my mouth just takes over … when I see a human drop rubbish and walk off… I pick it up and give it back to them… saying, I am sure that they dropped it as an accident ! … my daughter is happier that I no longer travel on public transport … quite soon… we will have to fly on an airplane … then she takes over and stops my mouth … she despairs of her mother … but does understand why I fight so hard x

      • dievca says:

        I get it, there was a point where I stopped heading to a NYC facility used more heavily by a certain Orthodox religious group on a certain day, all because….I am not the Manners Police. (can you hold the d*mn door for your Mother who has 6 kids dangling from her body?)

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        yes .. you got it … as that old saying goes … manners maketh man. it’s the women who cross on a zebra crossing with their little ones … who never say thank you to the drivers … that makes me madder than a box of frogs. what are they teaching their little ones. p, my daughter, always shouts out ‘thank you ‘ to the bus driver when she gets off … she likes to see the driver smile … albeit for a moment x

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        but to be fair … I do miss the odd strange but glorious conversation with a stranger … or a smile across the way …

  2. Kay says:

    Good for you!!!

  3. esther says:

    i’ve had good and bad experiences on the subway. the most interesting was being in a car with one guy; at the next station 2 scruffy guys got on, and one sat next to me in the 2-seater. i was miffed, as the car was empty except for the 4 of us, and i gave him the “evil keep away from me look.” as we approached the next station he and his friend jumped up and grabbed the other guy…they were undercover cops and this was a bust of somekind. as they left he turned to me and winked. he had sat next to me to keep me safe, just in case things went south. xx

    • dievca says:

      I know that “Don’t F*** with me Look”. Glad you used it (he was probably waiting for it) and glad he winked. Fabulous NYC story. XO

    • missagathaarmstrong says:

      holy cow … when I was 16 (I had lived in other people’s countries till then) my friend and I were on the last tube of the evening … one end if the carriage was a lone fellow… in the middle three fellows… the one in the middle looked to be asleep and then at the end of the compartment myself and my friend. at out stop she and I got off and all of a sudden the man at the end of the compartment raced off as the doors closed… it transpired that the guy who looked like he was asleep had just been murdered by the two others and the chap at the end had witnessed it ….

      Hong Kong was much safer … all I wanted to do was to go home. London was scary for a 16 year old brought up under the protection of Hong Kong !

      that was the first and last time I travelled late at night …


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