see what i see

NYC Greenway Bike PathsMost days, dievca rides her bike to work. Battling traffic until she can get to the Hudson River Greenway. Then she is home free unless there are Weekend Warriors feeling their oats and wearing their Tour de France lycra. Or the runners deciding to use the whole bike path instead of running where they are supposed to~

But it is beautiful to see the water, plus this special flower greets dievca’s bike and wandering mind:

 Red and Pink Hardy Hibiscus  (they are HUGE!):

Photos: dievca - Hudson River Greenway Summer 2015

12 Comments on “see what i see”

    • dievca says:

      There are Morning Glories and Black-Eyed Susans, too. But, this big showy flower really stands out – and it makes it through the winter! I love to garden, so I live vicariously through my commute.

  1. Beautiful! 🌺💮🌼
    So good to hear of your enjoyable commute! 🚲
    When we lived in town I cycled to work, now we are much further away, but I have a wonderful drive home.


    • dievca says:

      Riding along the river compensates for almost getting hit by New Jersey drivers (Seriously, the crazies always have NJ plates…if you cannot afford to live in NYC, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive here. Take a bus or train….)

  2. Pelelotus says:

    What a wonderful addition to a lovely cycle. X

  3. So beautiful! I love riding my bike but my job is too far away


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