Blood Types

dievca had no idea.

Apparently in Japan and Korea (and perhaps other countries) instead of using horoscope signs for determining personalities, temperament and compatibility with others. People use their Blood Types. 

Blood types cartoon

Type A
Best traits Earnest, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible
Worst traits Fastidious, overearnest, stubborn, tense
Type B
Best traits Passionate, active, doer, creative, strong
Worst traits irresponsible, unforgiving, “going own way”
Type AB
Best traits Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable
Worst traits Critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, “split personality”
Type O
Best traits Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive
Worst traits Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, “workaholic”

It’s absolutely not based in science, but these cartoons are super adorable.

Blood type japan Blood type cartoon Japan Blood type b follow me Blood type marshmallow story Blood type B women cat

Yes, dievca’s blood type is B.
(heh, heh, heh where’s the marshmallows?)

If dievca and Master used their zodiac signs to describe their relationship — the sex is fantastic and it is a “rough go” for a long-term relationship. Incompatible.  If they do their blood type…dievca has no idea because she doesn’t remember Master’s blood type. He doesn’t remember his blood type, either. That hospital stay is such a blur, dievca cannot remember if she ever knew His blood type, but she suspects it is A.

Such a bummer, see the following:

The relationship between the “B” woman and the “A” man respects “the opposites attract” principle. They are different characters by definition but they do match in something, they are both spiritual and warm-hearted. “A” searches for permanent emotional contact with his partner, while “B” needs her own space and can be individualistic at times. If “”A can be patient and understanding and “B” tries to offer more of her thoughts and time, they will have their chance to a passionate relationship. Otherwise, this combination is one in which argument and confrontations occur frequently.


Adorable blood type illustrations were made by Korean artist mazingablue

Just a FYI:


8 Comments on “Blood Types”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Thanks for that, another reason to find out your blood type. X

  2. monkey says:

    LOL, it certainly fits me “split personality”. Makes more sense than my horoscope sign does.

  3. Ret MP says:

    im A, he’s ?? don’t know.
    but horoscope confirms my primary VERY VERY compatible– libra taurus combination.


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