I Wish (an apology)…and a Thank You.

Just wanted to share my morning cappuccino with you at Kaffe 1668. I need to apologize – I wish my Life wasn’t so messy right now. I haven’t been able to read anyone’s blog, I’m just managing to get to comments.

With selling a house, elderly parents, business issues, travel, friends in need — I can just barely get to writing posts and replying.  The joy of reading other people’s blogs is on hold.

I miss it. I miss you.

So, I would like to toast you with my lovely cappuccino heart and say “Thank You” for sticking with me and reading my blog.  I appreciate your time, feedback and caring – greatly.

Have a fabulous day, week, month and know that I will be making my way back.


your dievča


Photos: dievca - Kaffe 1668, NYC - Sept. 2016

11 Comments on “I Wish (an apology)…and a Thank You.”

  1. Life, yeah, all those things.
    Do what you need to, remember to spare a little time to do the things that make you feel whole.

    Ash 💖

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  2. Pelelotus says:

    ‘Tis a pleasure. X

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  3. Life can be a bear at times, hang in there it does get better.

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  4. It can be, you got the feeling that something just ain’t right….Take a few deep breaths


    • dievca says:

      You know — I think I need to listen to a little Stealer’s Wheel.
      I’m going to take moment and watch. “Clown’s to the left of me and Joker’s to the right” – that was about it in yesterday’s meeting.


  5. Ret MP says:

    Cheers, dear. The joy of reading is a measurable loss…you have much to give,yes, but if you don’t fill up the bucket and take care of you a little, there’s less and less to give. Looks like dievca needs a “me day”… but you already know that. Hugs, and wishes for a nap. – Ret

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