dieva is spoiled…



dievca is very spoiled with Good Friends. Her friend went to Argentina and knew that dievca was obsessed with the GretaFlora Nina shoes. She bought them for her. It wasn’t easy, the friend went to the boutique in Buenos Aires and then had to go to the Tango Shoe Boutique to find the correct style and colors. And then she carried them back to the USA in their box with the shopping bag – while dealing with children.

When dievca wanted to give her money – the friend was appalled, so dievca took her to lunch instead.

So now dievca is planning on where to wear the shoes, ASAP!
Her Birthday dinner?
Master’s Birthday dinner?

she’s thinking a black dress might be the best option for showing off the shoes. Here’s some ideas from dievca’s closet:

Any suggestions on your end?

Addendum: Since writing the post, dievca wore the shoes to a cocktail party. It was still hot/humid in NYC so she ended up wearing a black Betsey Johnson polka dot mesh overlay dress – off-the shoulder peasant style top, fitted bottom, black shift underneath. Bodycon. She’s had it for 10 years and just took of the tags. It turned out FABULOUS!

13 Comments on “dieva is spoiled…”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Polka dots are always a sound and chic choice! You are lucky to have such a good friend who would go to that lengths for chic shoes. X

  2. Heartafire says:

    NY & Co . A knock out with any shoes!

  3. Ret MP says:

    Where’s the love button– for your friend and your footwear. Hear my audible sigh.

  4. My heart quite literally skipped a beat at the shoes and almost stopped entirely at Betsy Johnson! You reminded me of a pair of shoes I own that have spent way too long in their box!

  5. Those would look great with D wearing a cardboard box, I bet.

  6. […] had attended her first cocktail party of the year. she missed a big Gala event. Now, she has worked the 1st Fundraiser of the “year”. […]


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