Being apolitical on a really Political Day – a dievca’s view in NYC

Yes, dievca voted.
No, she isn’t going to tell you who she voted for – she’s sure you don’t care.
Maybe, you are interested in happenings around NYC (and a couple of other places), today.

Being apolitical is tough in NYC, right now. dievca’s life is swamped with people talking, arguing, analyzing, working, eating, breathing politics.

Nov. 08. 2016, so far….

dievca worked the first half of a split day.
At 5:00 am biking to work she ran into the police starting to barricade the Javits Center for Hillary Clinton’s “watching” event.


While working she spotted a kid with a fun T-shirt on and when she showed the photo to a co-worker he asked if it was in reference to Trump and Pu**y….
“No, it’s just a kid in a t-shirt, no subliminal message…”

  • Master voted with an absentee ballot and is working a polling place in PA.
  • Another co-worker’s partner is from Miami, he’s calling friends to get the Hispanic Vote.
  • A friend is working the polls in Delaware.
  • A friend is doing political performance pieces outside of Trump’s “watching” venue.
  • dievca’s foreign friends living in NYC texted to make sure she voted.
  • A friend in the Nederlands says that the election is on TV, 24/7 (dievca is so sorry…)
  • A co-worker in Sweden sent a text saying “what a mess” (dievca agrees…)
  • Canadian co-workers making commentary (at least their Prime Minister is “hot”)
  • Some co-workers voted in states that needed their vote by using absentee ballots.
  • Everyone is telling dievca who they voted for (why?) she is surprised in some cases.

Riding home, dievca caught up with a couple of cops to ask what the road/sidewalk closures are going to look like for tonight. Not good, dievca will be taking a bus or walking back to work.


It’s not that dievca doesn’t care who runs the country. The whole political process is not her thing and she is private about her choices. she thinks the Presidency is a sh*t job and you would have to be crazy to want to do it.  But, years ago, dievca watched a documentary about Women getting the Vote in the USA and ever since, she has voted and is an “informed” voter — no matter how much she hates politics. Those Women went through hell to get the vote.

That said, dievca does have to admit she was relieved when she saw the advertisement for the

Weather Channel: We will have ‘absolutely zero election coverage on Election Day’

After you vote, its all-weather and smooth Jazz from 3:00 pm till Midnight… dievca is in!
(Is that not the most brilliant marketing ploy? Well done, Weather Channel, well done.)

Photos: dievca NYC 10/08/2016
Neighborhood Anecdotes #3
T-shirt available on "The Cat Party"

10 Comments on “Being apolitical on a really Political Day – a dievca’s view in NYC”

  1. jackiemallon says:

    I too have friends in Canada gloating about their hottie. In other news, doesn’t the Autumn sun feel lovely today? 🙂 xo

    • dievca says:

      He’s 44 year old, amazing….
      The sun is toasty. I had to open my windows and let the apartment breathe while I ate lunch. XO
      Enjoy the day!
      (M. has fair skin – I hope he is inside working…not working the lines out the door…)

  2. Wet Bliss says:

    I might have to tune into that weather channel too… 😎

    • dievca says:

      Well, I am open to complete silence, too. Some people are planning on going to the movies to escape the craziness — that’s an idea. Anything good out there? My French film I blogged about isn’t in the Theatres, yet…XO

  3. Pelelotus says:

    Well done for doing your civic duty. You guys must be sick to the back teeth of this election. Even in the U.K we are all sick and incredulous of how this election has gone. X

    • dievca says:

      I wish it was shorter. I wish more people could afford to run, etc., etc., etc.
      What? You are telling me that the USA election isn’t really good/bad reality TV?

  4. MoMo says:

    Hello from the Netherlands! Since you have no choice I gather you picked the right person to vote for. I am gonna watch Cold Feet – go sleep and wake up to see who is your new president. And cold it is over here! Wishing you a warm night in town.

    • dievca says:

      XO. I walked home on the High Line — gorgeous weather and not too crowded. Didn’t run into the Javits Center mess. Sleep well and don’t call me with the results…I’ll find out soon enough. ❤

  5. little one says:

    i worked at my polling place from the crack of dawn till 9pm, too. 💜


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