Volunteering: NYC black

dievca had attended her first cocktail party of the year. she missed a big Gala event. Now, she has worked the 1st Fundraiser of the “year”.  Black clothing requested for Volunteers.

Herding children, setting-up tables and materials, working information stations, mingling with the donors, closing out the auction, breaking down the materials, collecting donated alcohol, packaging everything up to be messengred to headquarters, etc.

dievca needed a versatile outfit that didn’t stand out, but wasn’t too drab ~ something she could move in and work the crowd. By-the-way, it was raining and dievca had to walk 20 blocks because a bus jackknifed and she couldn’t get a cab.  Good News — she was dressed for it.

(if you need dievca to explain how a NYC bus jackknifes – let her know)

Here’s what she came up with (outfit and layers for walking):

More Good News — the event was a success! Reaching the targeted amount in 5 minutes of online donations and the Auction brought in more donations. A little bit of light shining during a rainy evening (after the election). Even better? dievca knows that many of the attendees left feeling better about Life and the World in general. Something a good submissive loves to see after serving.

(Master didn’t make it, but he feels the charity is something special and worthy.)

8 Comments on “Volunteering: NYC black”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Well done, that is a huge success! X

  2. How do they do it, the cabs, that you can never get one when you most need it? Fortunately you found the perfect outfit – love the earrings btw!
    PS: learned something today: buses jackknife in NYC too.
    PS1: still can’t get over the elections – don’t think the world will ever will!

    • dievca says:

      There were no empty cabs….it was raining. I tried for 2 minutes and figured it would be faster to walk. 😀
      So good to hear from you — sounds like you are getting your groove! I’ll drop an e-mail.
      Elections? I’m gently dancing around it on the blog — too touchy. XO
      PS. I still like “Lia in the City” (heh, heh, heh)

      • I’m walking a lot too – not that I’m losing any weight though the foodie that I am, pfff.
        Ok, let’s try and leave elections out of the blogs, it’s uncharted territory we’re going through, we’ll just have to manage somehow (but have you seen the ridiculous tweets).
        And I do like ”Lia in the City” a lot, it’s just that I’ve been so humbled by the enormity of it all! Perhaps once I have adjusted and sort of absorbed some of the grandeur, then I can go back to being ”Lia” again 🙂 ))

      • dievca says:

        No grandeur — just messy Americans and Green Cards trying to get through Life. XO

    • dievca says:

      Per the Earrings:
      Esther makes them, she’s from NJ. Captive Love on Etsy.
      She hasn’t been around the blog as much – but as I haven’t been able to read as many blog posts, either…
      I get it.

      • Oh thanks for this! Checked it out and there’s this blood moon pair too! Gorgeous, d’ya hear Esther?
        PS: I’m sure you’ve done more blog reading than I did, which is zero since August!


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