Retail is Tough: Sustainability? SUNO

dievca has a couple of pieces from the brand SUNO.  An African Print fabric pencil skirt and this embroidered dress:

suno-black-black-tulle-embroidered-dress-product-4-731282537-normal suno-green-floral-embroidery-mesh-tulle-dress-green-product-0-683958126-normal

Both pieces are made well, with stretch and are forgiving/accentuate curvy.
They are also created by a social conscious company.

  • Max Osterweis first conceived of SUNO after witnessing post-election violence in Kenya. Utilizing the vast collection of Kenyan Kangas he had gathered over the years of traveling, he joined forces with designer Erin Beatty, a Parsons School of Design graduate who has worked with brands such as the GAP, Donna Karan Collection and Generra, to launch a luxury lifestyle brand with a conscience.
  • SUNO clothing is produced primarily in the New York Garment District and in India, with smaller production batches coming from Romania, Italy and Kenya. We are committed to collaborating with the local artisans and crafts people in each country, to create fresh and optimistic collections of unique prints, textures and embroideries, layered together to build a bright and modern wardrobe for a confident, independent woman. Created in artisanal workshops, each piece is crafted and designed for creative, intelligent women who are not afraid to stand out. The workshops we partner with world-wide are committed to helping women support their families and enhance the economic conditions of their lives.

dievca is very sad that the brand is folding. She will be holding on to her two pieces for the future — they are classics and should withstand the tests of time in Fashion. They will hold a special place in her closet along with her “Lucy In Disguise” red bandanna dress.

All are gorgeous for Presentation.


Here are a few more pieces dievca was coveting:

suno-sweater suno-stretch-silk-floral-printed-fit-and-flare-dress-product-2-278221385-normal


13 Comments on “Retail is Tough: Sustainability? SUNO”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A nice dress for spring time. X

  2. YAY for accentuating curvy !!!

  3. Heartafire says:

    I am not too into the dresses but adore the sunglasses and the tooth gap! 🙂

  4. Tough times. Your dress will be all the more precious! xxx


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