Sharing someone’s Joy….age, lipstick, Generation Z

dievca gets a manicure/pedicure consistently (3 weeks-ish). she doesn’t wear polish on her fingernails unless she has a Gala to go to. Toenails, she always has polish — and apparently she needs a break from color, right now.  Yes, toenails need to breathe. dievca opted for a buffing instead.

Getting your nails done in NYC is less expensive than other places in the country.  At a respectable salon, the nail techs know what they are doing and do it in a timely, efficient manner.  dievca has been going to her salon for 3 years, now.  she knows the personnel and is fine with any one of the techs working on her feet.  They know her as the client who doesn’t want nail polish on her fingers and needs a copy of the receipt.

dievca’s salon is owned by a Chinese Lady and her staff is Chinese. They all seem to get along and are very courteous. The age range of technicians is 18-50+, some kids work during the Holiday breaks from University. All the techs are willing to chat in broken English if you make the attempt. Because dievca is willing to chat, she is brought into various conversations.  This one made her smile.

Age Differentiation and Personality:

forever-21-lipstick-dressdievca had a young tech (19) working on her hands when an older tech (40’s) flew into the salon and tried on a dress just purchased from Forever21.  She was trying to decided if she wanted to keep it.

The older tech has a cute figure (photo) and the dress was a flirty pattern with lipsticks all over it, white collar and white cuffs, flippy skirt.  You could tell she was trying to decide if the dress was too young for her or just fun. dievca weighed in with “Fun!”

dievca took some photos so the older tech could see herself:

dievca’s young nail tech was silent, so dievca quietly asked her if she liked the dress.  And the girl politely said, “It’s not my style.” and was embarrassed that her colleague was wearing such a dress. dievca started laughing because the girl was doing “geek chic” with the glasses and simple dark colors – no pattern.  So dievca said, “It’s the pattern, huh” and the girl replied, “It’s awful.” dievca smiled and said, “I love it.” Both dievca and the girl started laughing.

The next time dievca went in for her nails, she asked the older tech if she kept the dress.  The tech and a few others were so pleased that dievca remembered and, yes, she did keep the dress. Even better? She has worn it.

It’s always fun to share someone’s Joy with clothing.
(and witness the differences in generations…)

Photos: Forever 21 and dievca, NYC
Neighborhood Anecdotes #4

6 Comments on “Sharing someone’s Joy….age, lipstick, Generation Z”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Chic is the right word. X

  2. Sounds like the kind of shop I might not go into but myself, but my 19 year old daughter would take me in, get me to try that dress on, and maybe persuade me to buy it, too!


    • dievca says:

      Its inexpensive fast Fashion – which has some inherent moral issues…but you can get sucked into the store once you get there. And if you aren’t using it as “throw away” fashion, plus it is what you can afford…so be it. Kids are in this World to keep us young and thinking! XO

  3. Oh yes, I would have kept it too! Sorry chic geek… 🙂

    • dievca says:

      The girl was adorable and she was trying so hard to be polite. I, of course, am old and not so polite — just put my opinion in there like it meant something. 😀


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